American Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Clinic: NewLife
Embryo Status: Frozen Embryos
Occupations: Physician

About Me

Dear Surrogate: I want to tell you a little about us so you can understand how much of a difference you will be making to our lives. My husband was the love of my life and our children are our lives but I lost him and our daughter in a car accident. My son was left without a sister and I without a daughter and a huge void in my heart. I tried to have another child with donor embryos but after multiple miscarriages I was told it was not to be. I cannot wait to become a mom again. I know that I am older than a typical parent but I am a healthy, optimistic person and have so much love, time and energy for children. I have a lot more patience and time than I had before. I want nothing more than to devote myself to providing a child with a stable home, chock full of love, attention, fun and daily adventures.

You may wonder what the child’s future might be like with us and I would like to tell you about the love and opportunities we could share with this special child.

This child will be raised in much the same way we were raised: a positive outlook toward life, lots of encouragement, lots of love, abundant warm hugs, and adoring kisses. I will guide and nurture him/her to grow, thrive and become their unique and special selves. Teach them that even when things do not go as planned, the result is just as good and sometimes better.

I will encourage the baby to be creative and work with others. Maybe this child would like to learn music. We have a grand piano at home which my son plays. We will expose them to all types of books and sports. We will teach them to play ball and swim. We will do chores together too. We will celebrate holidays.

I am a physician and I love my work. I feel blessed to be able to help people and thank God every day for giving me the skills to do so. In my free time I like to cook, garden, entertain our wonderful friends and family and volunteer at the local food bank and mentor children in underserved communities.

We (My son, I and Kessel (our golden retriever) live in the rolling hills in Pennsylvania in a small, safe and close knit community. We also have one of the best school systems in our state. Our home has lots of room and a large yard to play and grow. There are woods in the back. In the mornings bunnies scamper on the lawn and deer roam all day long. We have wonderful neighbors and a lot of kids in our neighborhood. Big old trees fill the neighborhood and in the spring time we love sitting on the deck surrounded by fresh green leaves. In the fall, our child will have all the leaf piles he wants to jump and play in.

On typical Fridays we go out for dinner or order pizza and just talk and relax or invite friends over. On weekends we enjoy visiting friends and family, finding new places to go or just puttering around the house. Sometimes we watch TV, especially when there is a Tennis Match as my son is crazy about tennis. Our favorite movie is “Despicable Me” with its funny and tender moments. We even went of the ride based on this movie in the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and loved every minute of it!

We are crazy about Disney World. We lived in Florida before moving to Pennsylvania and had yearly passes for the Disney theme parks and went at least every other weekend. We go see every Disney movie as soon as it is released. I hope to take this child to Disney World as soon he/she is old enough. I cannot wait to buy him the big stuffed Mickey and Minnie mouse and take him on all those rides!

I was raised in Christian and Hindu faiths as my mom was a Christian and my dad believed in Hinduism. A spiritual life has always been important to us although we are not always involved in organized religious practice. I believe a child needs a moral and ethical education as well as an academic one. I plan to expose the child to rich cultural traditions of both faiths.

I have one sister and my husband had 5 brothers and sisters with a total of 20 children. My son has a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins who are very close. We have big family get togethers at least twice a year. My niece just had twin daughters two months ago and they will love a little playmate.

Our family is a huge part of our lives and we spend lots of time with them. All of them are so excited and cannot wait to have a new addition to our family.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. It is not complete without a visit to our local farm, “Soergel Orchards” to buy the biggest pumpkins, hayrides and eat caramel apples. We put up a lot of decorations, bake up a storm and sometimes even have a party. My specialties are the spooky spider cookies, spider pretzels and skeleton gingerbread men! I cannot wait to dress the child in a lion costume and take him trick or treating.

My life has been rich with experiences both happy and sad and I savor every one of them. I love to share my life and believe that togetherness in any activity or experience is always the best.

My dream will stay a dream if not for you. Your love and compassion and selfless sacrifice for helping us grow our family will always be remembered. My words can never explain the forever impact you will make on our lives. Your gift will never be forgotten and you will forever be imprinted in our hearts.

I have an open attitude and am willing to be as much to be a part of this pregnancy as you are comfortable with us being. I hope to have a lifelong connection with you. This includes letters, pictures, visits depending on your wishes. Our child will always know of the story of his birth and the wonderful way we became a family.

I want you to know you will not be alone in this journey. I will be there every step of the way as much as you want me to be. While I desperately want this child, your health and wellbeing will always come before this child and I will consult you and respect your wishes for every medical decision that might need to be made. I hope to have an amazing journey with you.