Ollie & Valentina

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Toronto, Ontario

About Us

We met online in 2005 well before it was the cool thing to do! Valentina was completing her doctoral degree on a student visa at York university. It was love at first sight. She moved into Ollie's condo 3 months into the relationship and we haven't looked back!

Valentina was born in Giulianova, Italy. She has two brothers and a sister. One brother resides in Berlin, Germany while her other siblings reside in Italy as does her mom. Ollie was born in Toronto and has one sister who has made him an uncle twice over. His mom lives in Leamington, Ontario running a small trailer park for seniors. Our moms eagerly anticipate a grandchild but understand our situation and have been extremely supportive along the way.

When we finally started to focus on starting a family ourselves and realized we were experiencing difficulties, we first went to Mt. Sinai Hospital Fertility Clinic. Valentina has multiple sclerosis and we wanted to make sure we could in fact conceive before she was getting out of her daily medications and starting the journey to pregnancy. It began with a battery of tests to see if both of our bodies could indeed conceive on our own. Valentina began taking daily supplements. Results in hand, the doctor noted there might be issues. Valentina would require additional hormones to thicken her linen. Thus began an 18 month agony for Valentina as her body did not react very well to the hormone therapy, in addition to the psychological stress involved.

During this time Valentina also underwent surgery to repair a small and detectable issue that should have been caught at the onset but was found 14 months into the hormone therapy. After the surgery Valentina continued the hormones for 4 months to see if things had improved. Unfortunately they did not and we were told there was no way we could conceive a child. At that point, we decided to start a journey of our own to find an egg donor and then a surrogate.

Thanks to the help and support of the people working at Tiny Feet, we were able to find an amazing egg donor and have now 8 precious embryos frozen at Repromed in Toronto. One last piece in the puzzle.... We are now ready to start the last leg of this not-always-easy journey in the hope of finding soon a surrogate who will help us reach our dream. We know that person exists and is just waiting to meet us so we are determined to find her.

Valentina is an instructor at Ryerson University in the Department of Geography. Ollie is a Recreation Therapist working with seniors and individuals with autism since 2001 at Mackenzie Health. We sold the condo in 2012 and bought our house knowing that we would need the space once we started our family. We live in the city with our adorable rescue dog Wilson (he will make the most lovable furry brother!) but we love the outdoors and you can find us every weekend May to October at our cabin near Algonquin Park. Valentina is very much into reading and she loves animals of all sizes and types, while Ollie is into crafts and loves building little pieces of furniture. We are extremely easy going and relaxed, and will do everything possible to accommodate our surro mom’s needs and make her feel a part of the family for life! 

We would like to know as much as possible regarding the health and comfort level of both surrogate mom and baby throughout the pregnancy. We are very flexible and would be open to work within whatever boundaries or ideas you might already have. After the pregnancy we would hope to keep contact with you as we would be forever thankful to the person who assisted us in starting our family but would respect any wishes you may have! We would also like, with your permission, to let the child know the role you have played in making such a miracle come true.


Valentina & Ollie