Tobias & Nikolai

German Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Teisendorf, Germany
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: Frozen Embryos
Occupations: Employee in administration (Nikolai) / ICU-Nurse (Tobias)

About Us

Servus ( that means "hello" in Bavarian ;-) )

We are Tobias and Nikolai, a same-sex couple from Bavaria in Germany. We met in 2011 through a mutual friend and became a couple shortly after. We have also been living together since 2012 and got married on Christmas 2021.

Tobias: I grew up in a small village in the Bavarian Alps. I have 3 siblings and 3 wonderful nieces and nephews that we meet regularly.
Professionally, I work as an intensive care nurse in an intensive care unit at the University Hospital in Salzburg.
I like working with people and taking care of them and helping them get back on their feet.
As a hobby, I like to cook and crochet.

Nikolai: I grew up in a small town near Salzburg, together with 3 siblings whom I still see regularly. We are very close and have each other's backs.
I work as an administrative assistant in the town hall of my hometown Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria and part-time as an employee of the university hospital in Salzburg. I studied business administration and like to organize things.
My hobbies are sailing and skiing.

We were very lucky to grow up in loving, tolerant, and warm-hearted families.
As I said before, we have a close bond with our siblings, parents and grandparents.

We currently live in a rural town in Bavaria with a 20 minute drive to Salzburg. We own a small house with a garden in a small part of the village, with nice neighbors and lots of nature around.
In our neighborhood there are many children, a kindergarten as well as a small school.

And we have a small, very friendly dog named Bobo, the Maltese poodle.
We are down-to-earth and nature-loving people. Because of the beautiful area where we live, we like to be outside.
We like to go hiking and sailing and always take Bobo with us when we can.
But we also love spending time together at home, on our couch with Netflix and pizza or in our backyard in the summer.
We also like to take short trips every now and then, but never far, for example a weekend in Vienna.

We have had the desire to have our own children for many years. We are aware that being parents is not always easy. Of course it means responsibility, less time as a couple, and flexibility. But above all, it means great happiness and a new sense of family. Communication and interest are essential when preparing for a baby. And we are already preparing for it, at least mentally.
And we are very much looking forward to becoming parents.
As a same-sex couple, we need help to fulfill our dream of having children of our own.
We have been married for a year now and are very stable professionally.
For us, it is the right time to start a family.
We are both able to work part-time and take time off when we need it.
Our families support us.

The laws in Germany make surrogacy impossible in Germany. Also an Adoption is difficult in Germany for same-sex couples.

We like the Canadian system of surrogacy. We would like to be a team with our surrogate mother, where we can talk openly about uncertainties and problems. Where trust can develop and thus a long term relationship between us as parents, the surrogate mother and the child. It is important for us to be able to answer honestly when our child will ask questions about its mother. We do not want it to be anonymous.
We know that this adventure is a great gift from the surrogate mother. We know the cost and are fully aware of our financial obligation. We are financially secure and willing to pay all costs.
The surrogate mother should not have to worry about the cost of pregnancy.
We sincerely hope that we will find a surrogate mother to join us on this great journey and give us the gift of carrying a child for us!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, whatever you decide to do.

With warmest regards,

Tobias & Nikolai