Steven & Saloni

Dutch Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: The Hague, Netherlands
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: 3 Frozen Embryos
Occupations: Investment Manager (Steven) / Supply Chain Consultant (Saloni)

To a Wonderfully Selfless Wonder Woman! Thank you for taking the time to read our story!!!

About Us

We are Steven and Saloni from the Netherlands. We've been together for more than 10 years now. Believe it or not, we both studied at the same University in the Netherlands, but only met each other at our jobs! We got to know each other, started talking over lunch and coffee and before we knew it, something beautiful was happening. Nearly 8 years ago, we got married in a beautiful Indian ceremony in London, surrounded by our friends and family. It was magical! The fact we share a similar kind of humor, and never stop learning from each other’s cultures, makes our marriage a beautiful and interesting journey!

Failed Attempts... a period of sadness...

We were very much in love and so we started trying to make a family. Sadly, we had 5 years of failed attempts at natural pregnancy, coupled with an ectopic pregnancy and finally several failed cycles of IVF.

Our Bundle of Joy...

Our surrogate brought smiles back into our lives through her selflessness! In August of 2018, we were blessed with a baby girl, through a warm and kind-hearted angel in Halifax, Canada. We went to meet our surrogate and her family for the first time when she was 3 months pregnant. We spent some time with her husband, 4 kids and parents. We had weekly video calls after that.  We came to Canada a week before the delivery. Since the birth, we have been in steady touch with her and her family. She loves to receive photos of our precious miracle 4/5 times a week via WhatsApp. She has given us the most amazing gift of all; the gift of life and a family. Words cannot describe how grateful we are.

Time is flying by!

Our little girl is now one and a half years old! We are now looking to have a sibling for our daughter. We both come from a family of siblings and it is delightful to grow up with a buddy for life!! We are therefore looking for another kind angel who can help us bring a brother or sister into this world for our daughter. We desperately want to complete our family.

Journey Forward...

We would like to be in close contact with our surrogate… as much as she would be comfortable with. We would like to be part of every step of our future journey as much as possible.
Along this journey we would like to really get to know our surrogate. We realize it takes a special person to be this kind-hearted and altruistic to help other people make their long-lasting dreams come true. For that we are eternally thankful! Should our future surrogate agree, we would like to tell our child/children about her contribution and hopefully get them to meet each other one day!

Thank you!

Steven & Saloni


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