Stefan & Michael

Dutch Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Purmerend, Netherlands
Clinic: NewLife
Embryo Status: 3 frozen embryos PGT tested
Occupations: Business controller and real estate agent

About Us


We’re glad that you are reading our profile. Firstly, let us introduce ourselves:
We are Stefan and Michael from The Netherlands. A couple that has known each other for over eight years, of which, married for almost four. We met through Tinder (yes, it is possible!) and started dating quite soon after. Our first date started at a lovely Italian restaurant, after which we went to the cinema, where Stefan could not stop talking during the movie since he was so excited about Michael. Michael, on the other hand, was really into the movie and was a bit reluctant at first about this talkative date. Nevertheless, we continued dating, started to fall in love, and just a few months later we decided to move in together.

Stefan was born in 1988, the only year the Dutch football team won the European Championships. Maybe that is the reason why he still loves sports that much. He is the oldest of four, with two brothers and one sister, growing up in a small rural village between the infamous tulip fields. With a father owning a tulip company, there was always plenty of playground at home. Growing up, the garden resembled a petting zoo where Stefan loved to take care of the goats, sheep, rabbits, and guinea pigs. During primary and high school, Stefan participated in many sports like judo, football, tennis, ice skating, and cycling. As a child, Stefan also helped out a lot in his father’s company during busy times. Not only Stefan, but all his school friends were helping too. Making it a time to have fun with his friends whilst working hard. Nowadays, Stefan’s family is even organizing tulip tours for tourists from across the world, sharing their passion for farming, while showing them the beauty of the Dutch landscape.
Eventually, Stefan decided not to take part in the company, as he was analytically skilled and had a profound understanding of economics. He is working as a business controller and is in the privileged position to travel to beautiful cities throughout Europe every once in a while.
Michael was born in 1991 in Purmerend, which is very close-by Amsterdam, and currently, the city where we live. He is the middle child of three boys and started ballet at a very young age. When he was ten years old, he was accepted to the Dutch National Ballet School in Amsterdam. He first combined his primary school, and later his high school, with a dance education. After graduating at the age of 17, he moved to join The Royal Ballet School in London. He was able to enroll here in the second year, and two years later he graduated with an achievement award. After a dance career at The Royal Ballet of Flanders and Introdans, his hard work paid off as he was casted as Older Billy Elliot in the musical Billy Elliot. two years, and many shows later, this exciting adventure ended. While performing in the musical, he simultaneously studied Real Estate in his spare time, as this was another great passion for him. After he made his final bow on stage, he started an internship at a real estate company. Now, almost eight years later, he is about to realize another big dream as he is in the initial phase of opening up a new agency in Amsterdam with two other colleagues. An exciting and beautiful opportunity.

2016 was the year that we started talking about a family of our own. We went to meetings about same-sex families, where we met another couple who told us about the wonderful surrogacy journey they had in Canada. In the following years, we started saving money and gathering information on the possibilities of surrogacy.
At the beginning of 2023 we went to Canada for the egg donation. We were lucky enough to have five frozen embryos, bringing us one step closer to our dream of becoming parents.
We hope that we can take the next steps together with you.

As for leisure activities, we love to be active: Stefan is into running and cycling, where as Michael still hits the ballet class every now and then. Together we also enjoy practicing yoga and circuit training classes. We like to relax and be outdoors by going on long-distance walks. During the weekend, we love to have friends and family over for dinner, or to play board games. Moreover, we love to travel and explore the world. One of the highlights was a beautiful trip to Costa Rica, where Michael proposed to Stefan after climbing a long and muddy hike to a volcano lake. Our honeymoon was well spent at the gorgeous Turks and Caicos Islands.
We are currently living in Purmerend, where we bought our house in 2016. It was always a dream to build our own house, so when we got the opportunity to buy a plot in 2022, we were very excited to jump on this opportunity. So, in 2024 our family home will be ready with enough bedrooms to fill 😊

Fun facts about Stefan:
- Has a large group of friends which whom he has been friends since kindergarten.
- Is a much-appreciated mystery shopper for restaurants

Fun facts about Michael:
- Has his own company in living accessories next to his job as a real estate agent
- Likes to cook and has learned many amazing recipes from his Indonesian grandparents

We would like to build a strong relationship together, before, during, and after the pregnancy. We are aware of the extraordinary journey we will have together, so you will always have a special place in our hearts. Although we live across the ocean, and probably a lot of the contact will be via video call, we would be more than happy to meet you in person. We have been to Canada before and every time we visit, we immediately feel at home. Of course, we want to support you as much as possible and we are more than willing to discuss which moments will ultimately suit you best, hopefully resulting in being there to satisfy any needs during the pregnancy. For us, it is more than reasonable to cover all costs that come with the pregnancy and the surrogacy process. We feel blessed to be in the financial position to be able to do this.

You will have a special place in our hearts but we would be more than happy to have a special place for you in our lives. We think it would be great for our child to be able to meet you one day. Of course, only if you agree to this as well.


Stefan & Michael