Scotty & Tisha

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: London, Ontario
Clinic: LHSC/Toronto
Embryo Status: 6 Frozen PGS Embryos
Occupations: Healthcare (Tisha)/Electrician (Scotty)

About Us

How We Met – Dating online has had its ups and downs, but being patient and knowing what each of us was looking for really allowed us to find each other as soulmates. Scotty’s perspective - I worked up the courage to message her first. Even though she had no photo on her profile, she had written a great profile, and what stood out most was that she stated she was attracted to intellect and character rather than superficial features. This made me attracted to her from the start. Tisha’s perspective – When Scotty messaged me, he was sweet, charming, and respectful. Although he too had no photo on his profile, I felt an instant connection because of his sense of humour. Scotty planned our first date which was a dinner and we ended up talking and laughing for hours, only leaving when the restaurant was closing - We had no clue how long we had been there! We arranged for our second date the next day at a sushi place. I was not a fan of sushi, but because I enjoyed Scotty’s company so much, I didn’t have the heart to tell him this, and actually over time, sushi has grown on me to the point that now we regularly go for dates at that same sushi place. Scotty’s perspective - At the sushi restaurant, Tisha was honest that having children was a priority for her. Having already a child in a former relationship, I wondered how she would feel about my own child, as well as my priorities and commitment already as a father. Shortly after we started to date, I arranged for me, Tisha, and my daughter (4 years old at the time) to go bowling. I was worried because I really liked Tisha but I also wanted to ensure that my daughter and her got a long well. But, really there was nothing to worry about - the two of them instantaneously became best friends, which was a relief to me. Within 3 months, we met each other’s families because we knew we were meant to be together, and within a year of initially meeting, we moved in together and have never looked back. We live in a house in a family-oriented neighbourhood and have friends with children nearby (the children are similar in age and there have been sleepovers, birthday parties, and playdates here). Over the last 7 years, we’ve been each other’s best friends, supporting each other, learning to parent together, and strengthening our relationship through mutual respect, trust, love, and commitment. This has been such a great chapter in our lives, and we look forward to our next chapter of building our family further.

Scotty’s History (by Tisha): Scotty was born in Milton when there were not many immigrant families. His family is originally from Pakistan and Catholic. They decided to leave in attempts to find and provide a better life for their children. They ultimately relocated to Milton. Scotty and his two elder sisters are very close and their family at one point had 10 relatives living in their home at the same time, to help transition them to Canada. Given the distance from their original home land, Scotty has valued deeply the connection to family and heritage. Scotty has followed both of his parents in terms of career choices, his father being an electrician and his mother being a staff sergeant in a high-security corrections facility. Scotty is a Master Electrician with his own business and has also been a provincial correctional officer. When he’s not working, he has a passion for MMA (mixed martial arts) since childhood, with a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, participating in competitions in Canada and the USA.
Scotty is very personable and intelligent. He can strike a conversation with anyone. He is mechanically inclined, and even if he does not have the right parts for a job, he can always MacGyver something to work which is such a great skill. He is extremely clever in this sense! In addition to being reliable and honest, Scotty has a heart of gold which is what attracted me the most to him. He is such a great father, introducing his daughter to new activities, encouraging her, and always making time for her events even when it means he may have to work overtime so he can have time off.
Scotty’s daughter values family as well and is really looking forward to being a big sister – she is very caring, and likes looking after her younger cousins, listening to their stories, playing with them, and showing them new things she’s learned.
Scotty is not only great with his daughter but kids gravitate to him; he is godfather to 3 of his 5 niece/nephews. He is definitely the most favourite and most fun uncle! But, his caring side was very evident when his mother was ill following a brain aneurysm and stroke recently. He stayed in Milton, visiting her in the hospital every day and renovating her home to make it more accessible for her when she was discharged from hospital. He is very passionate about helping individuals with disabilities, even volunteering his coaching services at the gym for children and adults with Down’s syndrome or other disabilities.

Tisha’s History (by Scotty): Tisha was born in Scarborough, Ontario. She is an only child. Her parents were originally from India, and she is Catholic. Her amazing and supportive friends from school and work are considered part of her family even without the blood relation. Tisha was academically and artistically inclined with her main interests being piano, singing, and learning languages. She is a nurturer by nature and this suits her well in her career in healthcare – she is always ready to listen empathetically.
Tisha is extremely caring, which is what attracted me to her the most. She has always been close to her parents, and experienced loss at a young age when her mother passed away from cancer. She continues a very close relationship with her father talking with him at least daily, and visiting at least once month, helping with chores and other activities. She is funny and loves telling kids’ jokes and her friends’ kids love her jokes. Every time Tisha and her friend talk on the phone, her friend’s children are always asking Tisha for more jokes!
Tisha is great with children and is the favourite aunty. She and my daughter hit it off from the first moment they met. She is so patient and caring and makes sure she has time for my daughter for attending events or taking her for face-painting, art classes, or other activities like play dates. Tisha is an excellent cook and baker, and this is a big hit with the children! She is always passionate about helping others by identifying and reducing barriers to education, health, and healthcare access through her roles at the hospital and university.

Why Surrogacy: When we met, we knew almost immediately that we were meant to be together. Our fertility journey has been since then, and it has definitely been a journey over the past 7 years, with 2 spontaneous pregnancies and 3 IVF pregnancies all resulting in miscarriage. The journey has been marked with ups and downs, but we are ready for the next phase and that’s why we need you! Although the doctors can’t find a reason for the recurrent miscarriages, we feel the best choice at this time is to proceed with surrogacy. This has not been the easiest decision but one that we believe is where we need to go next. We are grateful that you are considering this for us, and hope to welcome you as part of our family as well, but ultimately will respect the level of relationship you wish. With IVF, we currently have 6 genetically tested embryos ready 😊

Our Life Together: We are an amazing team (from our point of view)! We really know how to support and foster each other for the better. Our life values are the same, centred around respect, trust, honesty, reliability, and loyalty. Our individual interests and hobbies are different but we learn from each other and like to try new things together. For example, Tisha had never played X Box before, and although it took her a while to figure out how to walk/run and look around in the video games, now I can’t play X box games without her as she really excelled at this. On the other hand, I never liked gardening, but Tisha taught me the value of growing some of our own foods. I still am not a fan of the rhubarb she grows though.

Some of our favourite things to do together: watch movies, play charades (Tisha’s favourite game) or other games (Battleship), play with children and pets, spend time with family, being part of a dinner club, travelling, music/dancing, cooking. On one of our anniversaries, we enrolled in dance classes and learned the salsa, something both of us had never done before!

Relationship with You, our Surrogate: Thank you for reading our profile this far. We are grateful that you may be considering us. We both come from families where building and maintaining relationships has been very much valued. We believe surrogates are special people who are selfless and caring. We would like to support you and your family as much as we can through this process, because we understand the time and commitment that you are making.

We would like to have an open and honest relationship with you. We will be having an open conversation with our child about the role you played in giving them life, because it is a unique journey and can really show the importance of human kindness. We will be respectful of your wishes regarding how much contact you wish through the pregnancy and after delivery. We cannot express how much we appreciate and admire your willingness to support our dream of having a child. We look forward to this phase of our journey with you!

Scotty & Tisha