Sam & Anita

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: North York, Ontario
Clinic: Create
Embryo Status: 2 Frozen PGS Embryos, 1 Mosaic
Occupations: Photographer (Anita) / Real Estate Entrepreneur (Sam)

About Us


We are Anita and Sam (aka Samnita) and we currently live in Toronto, Ontario. Sixteen years ago, we actually met by chance, at a friend's huge birthday party! There were tons of people there and somehow our eyes just connected and sparks flew! We started chatting and immediately we knew there was something more there. It was a strange feeling and it made us true believers of love at first sight! What really confirmed it was the amount of common interests we both shared! Both of us really like to play volleyball (both beach and indoors), travel by cruise, love dogs, put family first, shopping (yes! I found a husband that likes to shop), dislike eating sashimi and oysters, and love exercising.

One day, a year into the relationship, he suddenly turned to me and said, ‘when do you want to get married?’ I won't lie, it did take me by surprise at first and it also made me really happy because he looked ahead and wanted to plan a future for us. Then a year after that, he popped the question on the ferris wheel even though he is terrified of heights!

We saved up to buy a condo and started raising a little toy poodle, Mojo. We took it step-by-step and once we had a home, we started planning our wedding and tied the knot in 2012 (6 years after we first met).

Sam came to Canada when he was 15 with his mother and younger brother. His mother worked three jobs simultaneously as receptionist, sales rep for a phonebook advertisement and cleaner to raise the family while his dad continued to work in Hong Kong for another 15 years before reuniting with the family in Canada. His mother was a very hard working individual and she is such an inspiration to Sam and his brother! Sam promises himself that he will work hard to make sure that his own parents will have a very comfortable retirement and his own family will never have to live apart.

Anita was born in Hong Kong and came to Canada when she was 6. Although her and her brother are 6 years apart, they got along well and they always look out for each others. They also lived with her grandma who took care of her brother and herself while their parents worked. She feels very fortunate that grandma is still with us to this day even though her mom is no longer here. When her mom passed away suddenly, it made her realize that life is indeed very short and that dreams and goals can just get cut short if they are not realized soon. She decided to follow her heart and dreams and left her full time job to become a Toronto Wedding Photographer.

Over time, we started to grow our family. We welcomed our little fluffy 6lb toy poodle, Mojo. Having Mojo in our lives truly warms our hearts. We have been ‘paw’rents for 8 years now, and we are looking forward to starting a family and be parents to a beautiful child. We want to give our child the joys of a warm and loving family (like we have had in the past) and watch him or her grow to become all they can be, each day ripe with happiness and lessons only life can bring. We've known for the longest time that we wanted to be parents. We envision taking a stroll under fall foliage with our child, holding hands as we walk home from school and just watching them grow up.

Through testing, we have found that I have a large endometrioma in my right ovary that blocks the production of any quality follicles (eggs) and I have endometriosis that makes implantation extremely challenging. Sam’s swimmers have very very poor morphology (near 100% defects) and bi-lateral varicoceles. Unfortunately, after 5 years of trying, we have been unable to conceive naturally. We have done 5 excruciating rounds of IVF, and sadly none of the tested embryos were able to implant. To this date, we have never experienced a positive pregnancy test. Despite having been constantly knocked down, we have not given up. Our hope is to one day be matched with a kind, loving surrogate who would be willing to help us achieve our dream of starting a family. We are very fortunate to have frozen 2 PGS tested embryos and 1 mosaic embryo.

Sam graduated from the University of Toronto with an Economics degree. He started as a teller at the bank and gradually moved up to become a Financial Advisor providing education on how to achieve your retirement goals through investments and savings. He found his true calling in Real Estate and his passion is in creating better living environments for families. He constantly looks for houses that are in need of love and repair, and transforms them into functional and cozy homes so that new families who move in can be proud owners.

Anita is an engineer-turned photographer. She finds so much joy and is grateful to be trusted by her clients with capturing life's most precious moments. She has travelled and photographed clients in Bali, Greece, Italy, Caribbeans, Iceland, etc. Her work can be seen published in past magazines such as WeddingBells and Wedluxe. Her work is now more focused around family and maternity photoshoots.

We love doing everything together. Some couples may have different hobbies but we have basically the same hobbies! We both love volleyball and we’ve been playing volleyball weekly since we met (16 years now)! We’ve spent a lot of our earlier days together travelling to different countries and we love trying various cuisines! Anita is more active and she loves the mountains and hiking. Sam is more laid back and loves the beach and ocean!

Our surrogate is giving us the gift of life and parenthood and we will do everything we can to support her. We understand that she has her own family to take care of as well. Her health and safety is our top priority and we would never want to put her in a situation where she feels that her health is being jeopardized. Our surrogate can rest assured that there will be no out-of-pocket expenses from her throughout this journey and we will be there every step of the way. If medically cleared, we would love to take our surrogate and her family on vacation so her family can connect with us too! We would love to attend the appointments with her (if she is comfortable with that) and of course be present during our child's birth.

Our ideal relationship with the surrogate would be fully transparent and open. We consider her and her family as a part of ours. It would be our absolute pleasure for her to continue to be a part of our lives and our child’s life. Let's create memories and have fun while we embark on this journey together!

Sam & Anita