Salim & Jason

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: East York, Ontario
Clinic: CReATe
Embryo Status: 8 frozen PGS Embryos
Occupations: Consultant (Salim) / Stay-at-Home Parent (Jason)

About Us

We are Jason & Salim Lopes-Rashid. With your help, we can start a sibling journey! We, like other intended parents, are most grateful for someone like you, someone who will help others realize their dream to start or continue to grow a family. While you will have a great many families to choose from, we hope you will pick us for this amazing journey.

Our meeting was a chance encounter, kismet if you will. This chance meeting has wonderfully changed our lives.

Jason was raised in Sault Ste Marie by two wonderful parents who have passed on. He has family in Sault Ste Marie, Owen Sound and Toronto.

Salim was born in East Africa, and came to Canada as an immigrant in 1972. He lived in many small Ontario communities like Ashburn, Brechin and Bradford, before his family moved to Toronto.

We have two boys, and two dogs and until recently, Salim’s mother also lived with us.

Our friends and family know us to go above and beyond in the love, care and support we instinctively provide for our boys and, our family and friends. We are the uncle-duet often called on to help out!

We are blessed and grateful to have two children, both through surrogacy. Parenting and the concept of an extended family, come to us naturally. This is most likely because of our amazing role model mothers.

We are hoping that you will choose us as Intended Parents. We can only make this story happen with your help. Our story has thee children, two dads, and two dogs, all living happily ever after.

We are terrific mix of creativity and structure! Salim is a consultant and has a knack for bringing together people and working with them to get consensus on how to best solve problems. Jason thrives in creative spaces and in his former role as General Manger for a large and well-known retailer, was valued for his focus on his customers, his staff and delivering effective campaigns to drive sales and build the brand. In October of 2020, Jason made a fundamental change. He chose to become a stay-at-home parent. In this time of pandemic, Jason’s taking on the added responsibility of homeschooling our toddlers.

Independent of one another, we had always wanted to be parents. When we met six years ago, we talked about our love and desire to have children. Our friends and family s describe us as natural parents.

We started looking at all available options to start a family following our marriage in 2017. There is no question that surrogacy is by far the best option for us. We have faith in the surrogacy process and journey and have experienced the gift of surrogacy.

We have both individual interests and joint interests. Jason loves to cook and is always trying variations on a theme. He cooks like we are a family of five already. Jason is also a voracious reader and has several books on the go at the same time. Salim's interests including, hiking, running, scuba diving and sailing. Together, we love to try new challenges, go on new adventures, play board games like Scrabble, take long walks and drives, travel, try new local restaurants, bike, play tennis host gatherings for our family and friends and most of all, spent time with our boys!

Our world revolves around our children. Before the pandemic, our home was frequent drop-in and this is a tradition we plan to continue with our children and their friends once COVID is behind us. We will share our passions and our love of life with our children!

Having been through two surrogacy journeys, we are veterans at this and will be with you every step of the way, before, during and after the pregnancy. Our past journeys included everything from texts, video calls and email, to accompanying our surrogate to appointments and best of all, regular visits with our surrogate.

It is very important for us to have you, our surrogate, be an equal partner in the journey. We will work together with you to find the right balance of support.

We have an overwhelming desire and the thankfully, the practical means to grow our family. We need your help to make our dream to welcome another child to our family come true.

From the pregnancy itself, to the trimesters which follow, through all the ups and downs, we want to be joined with you at the hip.

We are committed to making this, the best possible loving, caring and supportive experience for you, the baby and us. We will always be proud to share the miraculous story of our child's birth with him/ her from the very beginning. We full heartedly believe that a child can never have too much love.

Salim & Jason