Rajpal & Nikeeta

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Brampton, Ontario
Clinic: TRIO
Embryo Status: Spoke to our Doctor and the IVF will be completed as soon as Surrogate is good to go.
Occupations: Corporate Consultant (Rajpal) / Customer Consultant (Nikeeta)

About Us

My wife and I met through family members. We have been married since 2014 and it was the beginning of something "different" :), although good. We are honest and like to spend time with family. We live together in an extended family with my Brother, sister inlaw and niece (she is super cute), younger brother, mother and grandparents visit from time to time. We can't imagine living without them and you always have someone to talk to. :) My job requires me to speak to people all day so I usually stay quite at home but I am a good listener (or have been told by my wife haha). Nikeeta is outgoing and likes to make new friends all the time. We also go out for late night fast food runs! (let me know if you are interested in late night fast food runs!) :D

Nikeeta and I are both raised in extended families. I was raised by My grandmother for the most part because my brother and I are twins and we gave our mom the best of times as babies. :D Being raised by your grandmother can teach you a lifestyle of maturity, understanding and respect. We are thought to excel in work and personal life styles. We feel it is important to provide a loving environment.

My wife and I feel blessed to start a new chapter in our lives. To be fair we are scared but looking forward to it. Nikeeta has Anti Phospholipid Syndrome (APS). It is an auto-immune disease which means she is not able to hold the pregnancy. We had a baby girl (5 months) and a baby boy (4 months), they did not survive. Not mentioning the 5 others that didn't survive (less than 3 months). Life has taught us how to deal with tough times and keep holding onto hope and good things in life.

During our experiences in life we've learned to take care of each other. We believe support systems are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. We will stand by and assist the surrogate through her journey in whichever way possible. We are not picky with finances as we know money is required before someone comes to this world and after they leave. No worries - we are with the surrogate for the journey and will be there no matter what. :)

The surrogate will be giving us a new life and we can never pay her back. But, we would love to maintain an ongoing relationship with her as it would mean a lot to us. It would also be best for the babies (multiple haha, hope you find humor in it) mental health development. We would not have a family without her and we can not imagine she would not be part of our extended family either. Basically welcome to the fam! lol

Rajpal & Nikeeta