Rachid & Pierre-Luc

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Brossard, Quebec
Clinic: CReATe
Embryo Status: 6 frozen embryos (PGS on-going)
Occupations: Human Resource Business Partner (Pierre-Luc) / Branch Manager construction company (Rachid)

About Us


We are Pierre-Luc (33) and Rachid (36), together for 9 years, and living in Brossard, in the South shore of Montreal. We are more than excited to realise our dream: having our own family.

We hope that by reading our profile, you will feel to which point our family journey is dear to our hearts and how much we wish to realise it with you.

After a couple of years to think and prepare our project, we are fulfilled to have 6 healthy embryos expecting your unique contribution! We are thrilled to realise the next step with you and can’t wait to hold our little miracle in our arms.

A little more about us

Pierre-Luc: I was born end of December 1989 in a small town North of Quebec called Chibougamau. I have a younger sister who gave us two amazing kids of 6 and 10 years old. My father who worked as a nurse and manager is now retired and is giving some time to an association that helps elder people. My mother is a secretary for the city and will retire in the next two years. Family has always been the center of our lives. Every occasion was a good opportunity to meet and gather all together. I have wonderful memories of the summers we spent at our family cottage on the side St-Jean lake. Today, we’re always 14 people for family diners and everyone is hopping there will be a 15th member around the table soon!

At 17, I moved to Montreal for University. I’m actually an HR business Partner for the public transit society in Montreal. My personality is mostly extrovert with a frosted side (Rachid can’t wait to have someone else to listen to my many Dad jokes!). I love to read, eat (what Rachid cooks!), do manual work, spend time with friends and do some sports. I always loved to volunteer. I’ve been a Canadian armed forces officer with the cadets organization and now I’m a member of the board of a non profit organization that helps homeless people to reintegrate into society and to find employment.

Rachid: I was born on January 1986 in Casablanca, Morocco. My parents had 3 boys and both my brothers founded their families. I’m fulfilled by 5 nephews aged from 3 to 11 who I try to see as many times as possible. My parents are retired since a couple of years and can spend more time with their children and grand children. Family has always been important to me and I’ve dreamed to have my own since I was a young kid. Despite the distance, I’m really close to my parents and brothers, we see each others at least twice a year and we’re doing Facetimes a couple times a week. I am grateful to live in Canada, a country that offers me the environment to found my own family.

I studied engineering in France and had the chance to work in some countries before establishing myself in Canada in 2008. I am actually managing a small construction company. I have an analytic personality and I’m quite discreet. I’m good at planning and organising our different projects. I love to help people and give my best to what I am doing. In my free times I love to cook (a real chef !), to garden, to bike and spend time in nature.

It took us only one date to fall in love! It was on July 1st 2013. Since, our love continues growing and we form an amazing team. We met on Canada day, our embryos were formed on Labour day… We are more likely to have a baby born on Christmas or Easter day!! :-D

In our spare time, we enjoy cooking, biking, picnicking, hiking and camping. We go on nature as much as we can to take time for us and disconnect from the routine. We also love traveling, we had the opportunity to visit some countries, and we are very excited to continue discovering the world with our child.

Our project

As we developed our relationship, we quickly realised that we share the same values. They are related to the proximity we had with our families. We cherish values of sharing, mutual aid, humility, perseverance and love. We are looking for that special person who will get along and who shares the same values.

We both always dreamt about having our own family. Our project got more real when we bought and renovated our house. At this moment, we understood that we have the environment to undertake this amazing parenthood adventure.

We started our project about 18 months ago and today we are happy to have healthy embryos with CReATe. We took the time to properly define and plan our project to understand the implications personally, psychologically and financially. We are ready and determined to realise it.

We know that our close friends and families are 100% supportive to us and will be there to help us whenever we need it. They are excited by this journey, and we know they’ll will be there for us.

Our ultimate wish is to have a healthy and happy child. We’ll give her/him the tools to make his own choices and pursue her/his dearest dreams. We believe it is important to offer her/him a stimulating, fulfilling and non-judging environment. We also want to share with our child her/his origins and the amazing woman who brought her/him to life.

Obviously, we wish to develop with you a relation based on confidence, honesty, transparency and openness. That being said, we are very respectful of what kind of relation you’re expecting to have with us. We are available to discuss with you as frequently as needed and we are able to travel to you easily whenever required. May it be for medical appointments or punctual encounters. We want you to know that we’ll be there for you. You will take care of what we have most precious, and we will be there to support you in all ways.

We sincerely hope that you captured our personality, our values, and how deep this project is to our hearts.

We look forward to discuss with you soon!

Rachid & Pierre-Luc