Canadian Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Keswick, Ontario
Clinic: Markham Fertility
Embryo Status: 3 Frozen PGS Embryos
Occupation: Operating Room Registered Nurse


To all the surrogates,

You provide the hope we need, that the miracle of life is still possible…and its because of the kindness and generosity of women like yourself that make our dreams of motherhood become a reality. I want to thank you for your incredible act of kindness, for what you are giving to your chosen family and for sharing your family with others. You are remarkable caring women and I have great respect for you and your entire family for providing the gift of life! I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks for what you and other women are doing for us. Though this selfless act, you are creating a bond that will last a lifetime. If you wish to reach out at any point I am open to communicating with you. If we connect and you are able to carry a child for me, I will be with you every step of the way sharing the experience together as a family.


About Me

My name is Rachel I am a single heterosexual 51 year old woman. I realize many people may have trepidations about an older mom, but this is the perfect time in life for me. I have completed all my education. I have established my career and have financial security. I live in a house an hour outside of the city that has a family community focus, with access to many outdoor activities. Schools are within walking distance. When I was younger I focused all my time and energy on my education and career and would not have had time for children. I had always thought I would be married with a family, unfortunately life doesn't aways go as planned, and although I have not ruled out marriage, I don't want to wait any longer to start a family.

I am an only child who was raised in a loving and supportive home. My mom and I are very close as she had me when she was nineteen. My dad unfortunately passed away fifteen years ago. My family life was, and is surrounded by love and laughter. We are very affectionate always giving hugs in greeting and communicate very openly. As a family we enjoy quiet evenings in enjoying a good book, music or movies, as well as get togethers with family and friends, enjoying a wide variety of foods. I have a few very close friends that are more like sisters, we share are challenges and accomplishments, rearranging our schedules to celebrate milestones and lift each others spirit in times of need. Education was supported and encouraged and I was fortunate to completed both an undergrad and masters in nursing, and receive my designation as an RNFA, registered nurse first assist.

I have been trying to have a family for well over a decade. I had two miscarriages 10 and 12 years ago. November 2021 I had an embryo transfer. Unfortunately there were many unexpected complications: at five weeks I had a subchorionic hemorrhage. I was convinced I had miscarried, with the amount of blood lost and passing clots the size of my hand. It had been just a week before Christmas and as I was taken in to see if I had in fact miscarried. The receptionist had said “its Christmas, miracles can happen”. Well, she was right the gestational sac was seen, however, heart beat was not detected until the next week at 138 bpm. I was so excited, relieved, you name it, the emotions and tears were flowing…this baby was strong and not leaving me.

I suffered throughout my pregnancy with hyperemesis gravidarum (morning sickness) to the point where I developed esophagitis. At 17 weeks I was transferred to the high risk OB and it was then that they discovered my cervix was short at 2cm, I was scheduled for a cervical cerclage. The following week (week 18), a repeat ultrasound revealed further shortening at 1.3cm, I was not allowed to leave the hospital and a second surgery was scheduled for a rescue cerclage. At 19 weeks 5 days, my water broke and I delivered my son two days later (March 20th) as a result of chorioamnionitis. The placenta after over 4 hours of oxytocin would not release and a D&C was performed.

Unfortunately, four days after being discharged I was rushed back to L&D in septic shock from endometritis and bacteremia. Another D&C was performed and I had many life threatening complications. I was in the ICU for 8 days and on the ward for an additional week. As a result from the second trimester loss, two cervical cerclage, uterine infection, and two D&C’s, I now have a severe case of asherman’s syndrome, or uterine scarring.

My team of physicians were terrified of another pregnancy as I was in pre-arrest on arrival to hospital. Even with every thing I had gone through I still wanted a family. On November 8th in hopes my uterus might be repaired, I underwent an operative hysteroscopy. Sadly, instead of encouragement, I was given the heartbreaking news that pregnancy will never be possible. I have three PGS frozen embryos and with your help, I will have a family.

As previously stated I have worked as a registered nurse in the operating room for the past 25 years. I am also a trained and certified RNFA able to work side- by-side assisting surgeons. During my final year while acquiring my masters in nursing, I focused on education and led 51 first year nursing students through their curriculum and skills training lab sessions. The challenge at the time was we were in the midst of covid, and a great deal of my lectures had to be delivered online. The challenge was how to pick up cues if students were struggling with concepts, how to promote engagement, and incorporate peer bonding. It was a great term, we were patient, encouraged autonomy and empowered student development...students thrived.

I love animals, I currently have a 7 year old miniature poodle who loves adults and children, not so much other animals, mainly because they can't rub her or give her treats.

I love swimming, live theatre, hiking, and yoga. I enjoy traveling, seeing the sights and sounds of a new city/country. I am adventurous but not a risk taker.

I will support my surrogate by providing reimbursement for all costs or expenses that are permissible under Canadian law as per our agreement. Emotional support will be provided throughout the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum period.

I am open to as little or as much contact you would like to have, whether that be video calls, emails or text messages etc. I would very much like to attend important doctors appointments, i.e., embryo transfer, viability ultrasounds, anatomy scans and of course the delivery.