Omar & Maura

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: 5 PGS Embryos suitable for transfer
Occupations: Chief Finance Manager (Maura) / Business entrepreneur CEO (Omar)

About Us

When I met Omar, I was studying at Anahuac High School in Mexico. He had already graduated from there a year earlier, and was about to enter university. One day, he visited a friend from that high school, at his house. Luckily, I happened to be there too, as I had a team work to do with his friend’s sister. He likes to say that when he saw me pass, he could not resist the urge to ask my friend for my phone number. So he called me the next day, we saw each other 3 days later and since then he became my first boyfriend and we have been together for 18 incredible years. I studied in the city of Guadalajara until I got my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, then I started building my career there, in a bank called Banorte for more than 6 years. I am now applying my knowledge and what I have learned at my own business where I work as an administrative and financial boss.

My parents did not have the opportunity to study at university but they have overcome a lot through hard work and they did everything for my brother and me to have the opportunity to study at university, so we both fulfilled their dream of having their children graduated from university.

My father was a banker for more than 25 years and my mother worked full time in a Guadalajara pharmacy until I was born, which is when she decided to dedicate herself entirely to her children. My brother studied gastronomy, so he is the family’s favorite chef, and he also has a business that offers food in an industrial dining room for an international company in the city of Guadalajara.

Our story is very peculiar and makes us very sad. Omar and I are fertile people, and we could very likely have children naturally if we tried to, but a disease in my family makes it very dangerous: My dad has a very rare and very aggressive degenerative disease, called Machado-Joseph Disease (MJD-III), also called Spinocerebellar Ataxia type III, which makes the cerebellum of the sick person begin to shrink as they slowly lose mobility year after year, month after month then day after day, until they can no longer walk, then they stop moving any part of the body and they ultimately lose speech because the mouth muscles can no longer react. It is literally like being locked in a body that does not respond to a mind that is 100% fine. This disease is so present in the family that 7 out of 8 of my father's brothers have it and the worst of it is that it has no cure.

The irony is that we could very well have children in my womb with a healthy embryo implant, through genetic verifications, but my cousin’s experience has shown us how dangerous it could be for me: Daniela became pregnant before presenting that disease but her pregnancy caused her symptoms to appear and progress about 10 times faster during pregnancy. At 25 years of age, she has already lost the ability to walk, cannot speak and cannot move her hands either. In a span of only 3 years she deteriorated a lot more than my father did in 15 years of declared symptoms, while he can still barely walk with the help of a walker and can also talk.

My father was a great athlete in soccer, bowling, and many other physical sports and we have seen how this disease has affected his ability to walk, such that he can barely move without the help of a wheelchair. We have also seen how his siblings have died from this same disease. What’s even more heartbreaking with Daniela is that her health condition has been deteriorating so badly, that she recently tried to commit suicide, but failed in her attempt, due to her limited mobility. And to make things even worse, her own father had died of that disease.

For this reason, my husband and I decided that we did not want me to get pregnant since we fear that the same thing that happened to my cousin would happen to me. Since our marriage, 5 years ago, we have been investigating how we could start a family until we found, by the grace of God, a YouTube video where we learned that there was the possibility of finding a surrogate mother who could lend us her womb so that we could have a healthy child, since we also want to end this disease that has plagued my family for generations on, and avoid the risk of me becoming sick.

The option of surrogacy has given my husband and me new hopes to fulfill our dreams of becoming parents. Now that we have been married for 5 years and that we finally found this method to have children, we are very excited to finally have the opportunity to become parents and start our family.

I am 36 years old, and I am a very positive and kind woman, and I love to help people whenever I can. If ever I get angry about something, I forget about it 5 minutes later. I love children and I feel very lucky to have several nephews that I adore and I am always looking for time to see them and pamper them.

I have been with Omar for more than 18 years now and together we have created our life. We are both Mexican and we have been residents of Canada for 3 years now, after spending almost 5 years doing the paperwork from Mexico.

We have a business in Mexico that we started 10 years ago, dedicated to renting all-inclusive offices. As of today, we have 6 branches in Mexico and our dream is to create the same concept in Canada. In addition, we are looking for more business opportunities to help develop society and the economy of this incredible country that is Canada.

Omar and I are very close and communicate a lot, therefore we will be willing to always be aware of our surrogate mother as well as to help her in everything she needs so that her pregnancy be as easy as possible on her and so that she can have a good quality of life and be able to procreate our child in the best possible conditions. We are willing to receive and follow the rules and steps that our surrogate mother wishes from us, so if she wants us to be in contact often, we will do so and if she wants contact to be a little more dispersed, we would also accept it.

Family is one of the greatest things that life has to offer, and we pray to find the good soul who will help us achieve our dream of having our own family.


Omar & Maura