Chinese Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Shanghai, China
Clinic: Create
Embryo Status: 10 Frozen PGS Embryos
Occupation: Research Scientist

The sacred journey starts with your generous help, I keenly look forward to hold the baby in hands.

First of all, thanks a lot for checking out my profile. I’m single, 38 years old, dreaming of becoming a father since 10 years ago. I wish to have 2 children and my fertility doctor says that I have great chances to achieve that, as I have 10 blastocysts frozen by Create, all PGS tested.

I am very grateful to you for considering helping me to realize my dream, and wish we will have great experiences together during the journey. I understand that you will give up so much to be a surrogate mother and the whole process won’t be easy. Therefore, I would like to be very supportive from every aspect and in every step of the whole way. I also wish to have a close connection with you afterward. It will be a great opportunity for my child to learn different cultures as well as languages, and more importantly, to be loved. Of course, I also completely understand if you prefer to have less contact. Whatever you’re comfortable with, I will also be comfortable.

In the further, I will raise the baby with the help of my family. My parents and sister are willing to be very supportive. I believe the baby will be deeply loved, and I will also endeavor to create a great family environment and provide the best education.

About me and my family

As a research scientist in petrochemical industry, I love my job. That’s why I focused on this field since I went to University. Speaking of which, I also stayed four years in Germany for my Ph.D.

Both my parents and my sister, married with a daughter, live close to me. I would also like to mention my grandma, 98 years old, is still very healthy and tough. I wish my baby will meet my grandma.

I like reading, especially historical, philosophical, and business books. Meanwhile, I also like traveling and hiking. During my stay in Germany, I travelled across the Europe, visited many beautiful resorts and met a lot of nice and interesting people. Since last year, I also started a gym to build my body. I believe I am mentally and physically well-prepared to be a good father.

I'd be more than happy to hear from you and talk more.