Nicholas & Juan

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: St-Hippolyte, Quebec
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: 3 Frozen embryos
Occupations: CEO business owner ( Nicholas ) / CEO business owner ( Juan )

About Us

We are Juan (35) and Nicholas (28) and we have been together for 8 years. We met at a dinner party with friends in Montreal in 2015. From that moment we talked all evening. During the first week of learning to know each other we would discuss until the wee hours of the morning and continued to get to know each other more and more. The more time passed, the more the desire to be reunited together was present. During the following weeks, we spent a lot of time together and created a relationship that would persist over time. Our close friends knew this relationship would last for life. Without a doubt we also knew that we would be soul mates together from that moment. From the beginning of our relationship we have made more than 16 trips together, including a 2-month trip to Colombia (Juan's birth country). It was important for Nick to discover Juan's roots and understand his childhood. We have a little 4 year old french bulldog ( Téo ) . Last year in March we decided to get married before starting a family and the surrogacy process which we are really excited about this experience.

We both had the best examples in our lives when it came to our family, since both our parents are still together which we found absolutely beautiful and we have learned from that example. Juan has 1 brother with 2 kids with his wife, they are now 12 & 9 years old. Nick does not have brother/sisters. Juan's brother kids are very important for us. We spend at least 1 month on family vacations all together which bring us all closer to each other .

We both learned about family values. For us a family is extremely important and that is the reason why we are often with our parents. Although we are from different cultures, our family values come together, because of respect, love, work and family reunions the 4 pillars that guide us in our lives.

Our parents have always supported us in order to have a very good education, each of us had the privilege to have gone to university. Nick has a bachelor's degree in marketing and Juan studied accounting, he is a CPA and he has a master's degree in business administration (MBA).

Our whole family fully supports us in this journey, since we would all like our family to continue to grow.

As you can determine, we can't have children on our own since we are 2 men . This is the reason why we are looking for a surrogate to help us and be a part of our journey. We started our journey about 1 year ago, we found our egg donor through family which was a convenience for us in this process. Despite the fact that we have to travel often to Toronto, for us it is not an obstacle at all, because having a baby is our main priorities, this is the reason why we had a great experience doing it last year. All the steps were exciting for us since we realize that while doing it we were creating our child at that moment by doing the embryos process, we enjoyed every little moment of this incredible journey. We have the privilege of having 3 embryos that are stored at the fertility clinic called Repromed, located Toronto, Ontario .

We are a very happy couple, always smiling, getting into new experience in our work, travels etc. We live our life to the fullest. We live 5 min away from Mont St Sauveur where we bought our new house last year with more rooms to be able to have kids in that house. We also have our little ( Téo ) who is 4, it's a French bulldog (you can see a picture of him in our profile).

Both of us worked for a few years in jobs. Nick worked in the fashion field and Juan as an administrator in the field of health. However, 7 years ago we decide to create our own company and now we have two companies, one who specializes in property management and the other who specializes in government building maintenance mangement. We are now both CEO of each company and we have the privilege of working together and having these two projects which are doing very well and which allow us to have financial stability. Since work is very important in our life, we have devoted a lot of time to these two projects over the past few years. However, the companies are stable which allows to focus on our project to grow our family, and it became our life project and we are very excited for this new chapter of our lives, we feel ready to have our baby, since we can give him/her all the necessary time that this wonderful journey requires.

All our family and friends are super excited that a new member of the family could arrive soon!

We have planned our experience ( economically ) for the last 2 years. We are ready to cover all cost that we need to cover. For us it is very important that our surrogate can have a great experience and for us it's important that our surrogate to be comfortable during the whole process and we will do what is necessary so that she is not stressed about anything in terms of finance. We want to be there from day 1 during the process with our surrogate until the birth of our child. For us it's super important to have a great relationship with our surrogate and that she feels supported by us during the pregnancy and post partum.

We are not closed to the idea of having contact after the pregnancy. It's very important for us that on both sides we feel comfortable before/during and after the pregnancy. For us a surrogate is a gift from God that will help us realize our dream. We don't see any impediment on why we would like our child to not have contact with this person who was an extremely important part in this process. We would also always be in contact with our surrogate to see how her life goes and meeting her when possible.


Nicholas & Juan