Marko & Gunther

Austrian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Vienna, Austria
Clinic: Astra
Embryo Status: 7 frozen embryos
Occupations: Property Manager (Marko) / Real Estate Agent (Gunther)

About Us

Hello everyone, nice that you have decided to click on our profile and are interested in us and our story - maybe we will continue to write it together!

We would like to introduce ourselves and we would be happy to get to know you too!

We, Guenther and Marko, have been a gay couple for almost eight years and live in Vienna, Austria.

To get a glimpse into both of our lives, let's start with a brief description of each of us.

Guenther (2nd Richard) was born and grew up in the far west of Austria. Dornbirn, his place of birth, lies between the German and Swiss borders. It is a city of around 50,000 inhabitants. He is the youngest of three children. In addition to an economic school education, he was, like his eldest brother, a tennis player and a sporty young guy. After completing school, he moved to Vienna, where he studied, began working as a real estate agent and entered into a long-term relationship. Shortly after the end of this relationship, he met Marko at a real estate clubbing, since his boss at the time was Guenthers fellow student. The future together began with this evening :)

Born in Judenburg, a small town in the central Austrian Alps, Marko grew up as an only child (for a long time) but has large family with numerous cousins. After his parents separation, he got a little sister (20 years younger). He graduated from the same type of school as Guenther and also moved to Vienna when he finished school. In addition to initial jobs in a catering company and with Austrian Airlines as a flight attendant, he studied and switched to the real estate sector. After a relationship that was almost as long, he met Guenther and a new exciting relationship started :)

We both had a great childhood. We grew up carefree and were able to move freely in our environment. Marko's mum is a kindergarten teacher and is always there for him. Guenther's mum was a housewife and took loving care of all three children. Both fathers worked and spent their free time doing sports with us (tennis with Guenther - cycling and soccer with Marko). We want to give our children love, care and a carefree childhood. Our families and friends are there for us and are happy with us about our family planning.

Coincidences rule life. When you get to know your partner, when you develop your career or when you start a family. The decision to want children was made a few years ago - we want a family life and are looking for the last piece of the puzzle. You!

As we are a gay couple, we do not have many possibilities to get children. We decided to go the IVF way. Currently we have seven frozen embryos.
We would love to have two-three kids at all.

Why Canada?
In addition to the non-existent options of surrogacy in Austria, we decided on Canada because I (Marko) spent numerous spring, summer, autumn and winter weeks near Toronto. My godmother has lived there all her life, and that's where some of the family and friends I've met over the years still live today. All of these people have also taken Guenther to their hearts. We are also looking for this "welcome" warmth and closeness as a characteristic of our surrogate mother and we are convinced that we will find it in Canada.

leisure and work
Our path together began during a clubbing. In the meantime we have also connected professionally. While I (Marko) run a small property management company, Guenther runs a real estate agency. We are based at the same location and work together for our customers. We therefore complement each other very well professionally. Our colleagues are already supporting us with tips for family planning and have also offered their help after our family has grown. We often spend our free time in the Austrian provinces. We regularly visit our families and meet friends for dinner and games on the weekends. We enjoy hiking, cycling and enjoying local and European cities. We love good food, wine and are interested in architecture and history. We love water, which makes us go to the local lakes in summer or to the sea from time to time.
Each of us grew up with animals: a dog, a cat and several Hamster :) currently we don’t have any animals as we do live in an apartment.
We live in the west of Vienna and are well prepared for family expansion. We look forward to giving you a personal insight.

As you will take care for our baby - we take care for you and your family and will cover all relating costs for surrogacy.
We well be glad, if you want, to join you for doctor visits and to stay in touch during pregnancy and pre-pragnancy via phone/video calls/messages.
We will support you as good as we can and are there for you!

A puzzle is being completed...
We would like to start a family together with you and your family. A family that goes beyond our own. We would wish that we could find a surrogate who would accompany us for more than nine months. It would be great if you, together with your family, became a part of ours and a long-term contact will be established and that we can share beautiful moments together.

Marko & Gunther