Leif & Kate

Canadian Intendeds Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Clinic: Trio
Embryo Status: 10 Frozen PGS Embryos
Occupations: Public Sector Executive (Leif) / Real Estate Agent (Kate)

The Kate & Leif story...

We live in midtown Toronto, a few kilometres from the neighbourhoods where we both grew up.
Before we were born, our parents knew each other socially, but we never met. Our siblings attended the same elementary schools, but we never met. For a year we both attended the same big public high school, but we never met.
We spent our twenties in different cities. Kate attended university and built a real estate career in Toronto. Leif moved away for university and work in government. Friends dated and socialized, but we never met.
Ten years ago, Leif moved back to Toronto. The next year, friends suggested Leif and Kate finally meet. It was the right connection at the right time!

Our Infertility

For many years, Kate awoke early and reported to a fertility clinic. Leif moved meetings and found reasons to be away from the office. Kate put her career on hold. Doctors, valiant in their efforts, prescribed successive waves of fertility interventions. We came close, but temporary successes yielded devastating losses.
The years moved forward. Siblings met partners. When we began fertility treatments, our three siblings were childless. Today, we have seven (7) terrific nieces – future cousins for our child.
Canada’s best fertility specialists never definitively diagnosed the multiple challenges confronting us. We are only giving a summary of our fertility journey, but after many years of unsuccessful IUI and IVF treatments, doctors believed we needed a donor egg solution.
We have a number of genetically-normal (i.e. PGS-tested) embryos at our clinic in Toronto. However, after a few unsuccessful transfers, doctors recommended that we find a surrogate. So, we switched courses again, and find ourselves hoping to start the next leg on our journey - to fill our home and begin our family.

Our family

While we awaited the start of our family, we worked on fixing up our house in a secure and family-focused community in Toronto. We renovated with the hope of providing a loving and safe home.
Our home sits on a long tree-lined block between excellent parks and one of the best public schools in Toronto. Kate looks-in on our remaining elderly neighbours. On weekends, the neighbourhood is dotted with strollers, dogs, farmers markets and families.
Kate does the home repair and Leif does the cooking. Kate is committed to eating natural, organic foods, and Leif has learned to agree.
Family is important to both of us. Our parents live within reasonable walking distance of our home. We spend weekend meals with our parents, siblings and nieces. Our house is the hub for family occasions, special meals and casual brunches. Summer weekends are often spent at a nearby family cottage.

Getting to know us

Kate is a real estate agent who helps young families buy homes for renovation and financial security. Leif is a public sector executive, and a lawyer by profession.
We share the same values. We both care about the country and the values of public service. Our home is filled with laughter. We both care about travel. We are looking-forward to sharing our next trips with our child.
We are both in good health. We both walk thousands of steps daily, especially with our child-friendly cocker spaniels. Leif recently ran a marathon for the first (or only?) time.
We are grateful to have financial security, with the means to secure our child’s future. We both care about our professional lives – but we both expect to take significant leaves from our careers to welcome a baby. We have waited many years to be joined by a baby, and we would take the time to lovingly welcome that gift.
Our fertility journey has been challenging, draining and, sometimes, lonely. But it has also strengthened our relationship and the love in our home. It was the right connection the first time we met, and it’s a better connection today.

Joining our journey with a surrogate

Given COVID-related public health restrictions, it may be hard for us to meet in person, but we are excited to connect virtually and meet you in-person, as soon as possible.
Your health and well-being are foremost for us. We hope you are surrounded with people who make you feel supported throughout your journey. Depending on your preferences, and our proximity, we look forward to being available throughout your pregnancy. Of course, we are prepared to cover your pre-pregnancy and pregnancy expenses, as allowed in Canada.
If you should choose to be a surrogate for our family, we would expect to forge an open and natural relationship among the three of us. We plan to be fully open with our child about the generous people who helped us complete a family. We will always be bonded by generosity, altruism and kindness.

Thank you for reading our story. We are already grateful for your consideration and we admire your incredible generosity for participating as a surrogate.


Leif & Kate