Ketan & Binta

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Vaughan, Ontario
Clinic: Markham Fertility Clinic
Embryo Status: 1 frozen embryo, future harvesting planned for Jan/Feb 2022
Occupations: Pharmacists

About Us

My wife Binta, and myself, Ketan have known each other for many years. We have been together for 20 years and have been married for 15. We were both born and raised in Canada but really got to know each other in Philadelphia where we were studying for our pharmacy degrees. We married and started our family in the USA and eventually moved back to Canada in 2015.

It is difficult to tell you much about us as individuals without first describing the recent events of our lives. We are proud and loving parents to our 3 children Anaya, Kaya and Jax. This past May 2021, we tragically lost our oldest and youngest child, Anaya & Jax, when they were hit by a car while playing in our driveway - they were 10 and 4 respectively. ( That day has changed our lives forever and though the loss has been devastating, we will always be parents to Anaya & Jax, though not in a physical sense. In honour of our sweet children, and in wanting to grow the love in our home, and in being mindful of their beautiful living sister Kaya, who is now 9 - we desperately are seeking surrogacy to expand our family and give us and Kaya the opportunity to share and manifest the love that lies within us and is ready to reach outwards towards another.

Binta and I were raised in traditional hardworking Immigrant Indian homes just north of Toronto. We grew up working hard, had strong values and ethics instilled in us by our parents and always strived to ensure we used every opportunity we received to better ourselves, further our education and eventually provide a different life for our children. We worked towards financial stability, and have always strived to expose our children to the arts, sports, music, the community and have actively and conscientiously instilled important values in them through modelling and age appropriate experience.

Binta has one older sibling who is married and has 2 boys of his own whom we are very close with and see often. Kaya sees her cousin brothers regularly and they have been a great source of support to her these last several months. Binta's mother is living independently not too far from where we are now. Binta's father passed away several years ago but did meet and get to know his grandchildren. Binta has a very tight knit community around her of extended family friends that she sees regularly, and that are a tremendous source of love and comfort for our entire family.

I was raised in a similar home as Binta and have a younger sibling who also now has 2 children. My parents live about 15 mins from us and are a steady presence in our lives. We see my sibling and her family as well as my parents on a regular basis and have a strong sense of family as a core value.

I can say with confidence that our family is surrounded by people who love us and care for us and that we can count on.

Binta & I are seeking surrogacy under very unique circumstances and it is with much thought and consideration that we have arrived at this point. We have one frozen embryo from our last cycle and will be trying to increase that number in our next cycle in Jan/Feb 2022. In the process of grieving our children, and trying to be there in the best way we can for our daughter Kaya, we have decided surrogacy is the best option. Binta has been suffering with colitis and sciatica and has had severe hyperemesis with all her pregnancies. In order to be present for both her own healing and for Kayas', the best decision was not to put a bodily stressor like carrying a pregnancy on her at this moment in time. At the same time, we are both deeply hoping that our family has a chance to grow and are sincerely seeking a special person who can help us achieve that which we are unable to do right now.

Binta and I are both trained pharmacists and own multiple pharmacies in the USA. In addition, we have small businesses in both Canada and the USA renting commercial and rental real estate properties. We are financially secure, hardworking and resourceful. Our family has a dog named Coco who is an English Bulldog and was the beloved request of Anaya and Jax. We are an active family and try to get outside and stay moving. Binta is learning tennis and most days, you will find me at the gym or on a hike. We are committed to living a life of freedom and adventure as Jax would have wanted us to do. I will be honest and convey that life is not easy right now, and the days can be hard; the grief is always right there, however we are always finding ways to honour Anaya and Jax and PLAY is one of them. Therefore, our family is always up to try something new and plunging into adventure. Kaya is a beautiful, sassy, creative and strong 9 year old girl. She swims, skiis, plays soccer, makes Tie-die shirts and is creative, and loving! Binta & I & Kaya are surrounded by friends, family and loved ones and community that we see regularly and have developed a sense of kinship with. We regularly have annual get togethers, go camping, have Organized Sports days and keep the children in our community connected and closely knit.

Our approach in this process will be two 100% support our surrogate in whatever way she feels she needs support. We will respect her needs and be available for regular communication within the boundaries that she sets. Financially, we are fully committed to covering any and all financial costs and expenses incurred during any stage of this pregnancy and would be grateful to be able to do that for anyone that would be giving us such a selfless gift.

We are happy and would like to be involved as much as our surrogate feels comfortable during the pregnancy stage and will respect her wishes in this arena. In the post part period we are also happy to have involvement as is appropriate for the stage and place that our family is at with their healing. Given the current circumstances, we would answer that we do want to have involvement but would also be making conscientious decisions based on what is best for our whole family at that given point in time.

Ketan & Binta