Canadian Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: New Westminster, British Columbia
Clinic: Olive Fertility
Embryo Status: 2 Frozen Embryos
Occupation: District Manager

About Me

I am a single, 39 year old, proud member of the LGBTQ2IA+ community, and I really look forward to starting a family of my own. Originally from the US, I have been living happily in the Vancouver area for almost 10 years, and am excited to raise the next generation of my family in such a beautiful part of the world. I really look forward to partnering with you through the next stages of this journey!

My family and upbringing was pretty standard suburban middle class with two parents, three kids, and a dog (a stray that followed us on the school bus one morning and waited around the neighbourhood until we got home, we named him Homer). I am the eldest of three boys, each of us a year and half apart, and was extremely fortunate to grow up near two loving grandparents with whom we spent our summers, as well as a maternal aunt and cousin. I am also a proud uncle to my two delightful nieces, Astrid, and Signe.

Even when I was young, my vision for my future always included having kids and a family of my own. As I grew up and realized that I was both gay and ace/aro, I sort of put that idea on hold and tried to come to terms with the idea that it was unlikely to ever happen. While I tried to put that idea away, I never stopped desperately wanting to have a child of my own to raise, nurture, and watch grow up into their own wonderful person. When I entered my 30s, I made the decision that I was going to really work towards having that family, and have been focused on on that goal with every major life decision since. I am now in a place where I am ready to begin the next step, and I really hope to share the rest of this journey with you.

My current occupation is as a district manager for a major tax preparation firm. I have a Masters degree in Public Administration focusing on healthcare and gerontology, but started working in the technical and operations side of accounting and financial services when I moved to Canada from the US. I love to travel, especially Europe, and I can’t wait for the pandemic to end so I can get back out there and see the world. Just before the pandemic, I had my most favourite trip ever when I took my mom for a month to Scotland and the UK to see where her grandparents were from.

You are giving me one of the greatest gifts one person can give to another and I am fully committed to taking care of your needs and comfort throughout the whole process. I will gladly cover all of your expenses and anything you need to keep you comfortable and happy all the way through recovery. This part of the journey relies on you and my sole focus is on ensuring you are completely cared for all the way through.

You will always be a part of our family as the person that sacrificed so much to bring life to my child. I would love to have the sort of ongoing relationship where stay in touch, where can share updates so you can see the progress of the wonderful little person you brought into the world, and where that little person can get to know the hero that gave them life. I also know that may be more of a relationship than you wish to have, and am very flexible in this area. Above all, I am really focused on your comfort levels, and will do what makes you the happiest. You are already giving me the world, and I will be forever grateful to you for it.