Julien & Amelie

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Laval, Québec
Clinic: OVO
Embryo Status: 10 frozen embryos
Occupations: First grade teacher (Amélie) / Welder (Julien)

About Us

We found each other through online dating in March 2016. He had a little boy of almost 4 (Odin), the cutest ever. He knew from the start that I wanted a baby and that it would be a difficult path. I was looking for a great guy and a great dad and I found him!

I have two brothers, one older and one younger. My little brother has two children and I’m the happy godmother to his daughter. Our parents are no longer together but we often see each other.

Julien has an older brother and a younger sister who is pregnant with their second child. His parents are still together and we go for dinner at their house most Sundays!

I had Leukemia in 2007 when I was with another partner. In 2011, I wanted to have a baby but my doctors said I had a new Leukemia and I had to have a bone marrow transplant. So, because of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I am now menopaused. I really wanted a baby and at that time, my partner didn’t want one anymore.

I started my journey alone on that path with Ovo. But I wanted someone in my life and I found the best one! I was looking for a father ideally since I knew it would be a long path for me to have a baby.

When we knew we would be together for ever (😊), we decided to continue where I left with Ovo. It took 3 times to find an egg donor. She gave us 29 eggs and it made 14 really good embryos! Following that, we tried 4 times and they didn’t want to implant… I tried to do test to find out why, but my endometrium just didn’t want to grow anymore. So, my doctor said it was time to find a surrogate! And here we are! We are supported by our friends and family. We still have 10 frozen embryos, but we want just one baby.

We love each other very much and we share the same interests. We live in a house in Laval with a backyard and a lot a fruit to pick! We three are mostly vegetarian but we eat what is served when we’re invited somewhere and are not judgmental. We try to help the planet the more we can. We love to be outdoor. My father has a cottage in the North where we can go with a lake and kayaks. We go camping every year in different parks. We love to go climbing indoors (Odin is better than me!). We adore board game and we play with lots of friends. Once a year, we go to Bicolline (a medieval village for role-playing) and we just live one week without phones and Internet and relax mostly surrounded by friends and kids. Most of our friends have kids and I am often the babysitter. Julien and I are engaged since February 2018.

We have an old little dog and a bunny!

We will help our surrogate and pay for everything she needs through every step of the journey.

We know it's a wonderful gift that a surrogate can choose us! We are able and willing to travel to meet her (and her family) to see if we have a connection. We want everybody to get along well because they will a part of our family also. We are honest with everyone in the process and want to respect everyone's boundaries. Ideally, we want to be part of the whole process and meeting in person or talk via Messenger (or Zoom) as often as she is wiling to!

Since everyone around me know of my situation, they will be thrilled if we can find someone to carry our little treasure.

We hope to find someone with whom we can exchange and share some interests. We will help her in every way she needs.

Julien & Amelie