Jason & Charlie

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Vernon, British Columbia
Clinic: PCRM
Embryo Status: 4 Frozen Embryos
Occupations: Accountant (Jason), Teacher (Charlie)

About Us

Like all modern day love stories, ours started with a dating app. In our first set of messages, we quickly realized that we both share an interest in wine, which paved the way for our first date. A week later, we met and headed to West Kelowna to go wine tasting.

During that first date, Charlie realized that Jason is very special and he quickly organized a second date to climb Knox Mountain on one of the hottest days of the summer.

Over the next four years, we discovered that we also share a passion for travel. We capitalized on this shared passion and have explored three provinces, 12 states, and three countries together. We have been through temperature fluctuations of -30°C to +50°C, slept under canvas in the hottest place on earth and have explored 23 National Parks together, both here in Canada and in the USA. Jason even took on the brave task of teaching Charlie to ski, which is where we both spend our free time during the snowier months.

Charlie: I was born and raised in Bristol, England. I have two sisters, one older (who is currently expecting her second child with her partner) and one younger (who has recently gotten engaged). My parents are happily married and are just about to celebrate their 35th anniversary. My upbringing was pretty standard, full of family gatherings and summer trips to France. One of my earliest memories involves being woken up in the small hours of the morning and then being bundled into a car seat in order to catch the first ferry crossings of the day over to St. Malo. Other than travel, education has also played a huge part in my life and it is the reason why I decided to become a teacher. Although neither of my parents went to university themselves, they always conveyed to me just how important getting an education was. This stuck with me and is a value that I hope to be able to pass onto our own children one day.

Jason: I was born in Vancouver, but grew up all over Canada. My Dad’s job kept us on the move, which made it very easy for us to travel – we never needed to go far to get somewhere new. I enjoyed traveling and always looked forward to the day that I can share those adventures with someone. It’s been exciting to take Charlie on new adventures and we look forward to being able to one day share those adventures with our child. The experience of frequent moves also instilled in me the importance of family. I was always “the new kid”, but one thing that was never new was my family. My sister and I were best friends growing up. Every new adventure that we embarked on was always together. When I look back on our childhood, a few of the memories that stick out are our many camping adventures across the US, our summers on the lake in Northern Ontario, our winters cross-country skiing, and our bitterly cold trip to Carnival in Quebec City.

As a same-sex couple, our roads to parenthood are limited. We have both dreamed about having children and a family of our own and decided that surrogacy was the best route for us. The first year of our journey was spent gathering information, referrals, and searching for eggs. We found an egg donor just before Christmas last year and have our embryo creation scheduled for mid-February!

Charlie: Before making the move to Canada in 2017, I worked as a high school chemistry teacher. However, after moving across the pond I retrained and I am now a high school resource teacher. One of the benefits of teaching in Canada is the extended summer vacation, where we are both able to indulge in our biggest passion of exploring the great outdoors. Since meeting in 2017, we have traveled extensively across Canada and down into America. Although COVID has put the brakes on our traveling adventures, it is a passion that we look forward to exposing our child to one day.

Jason: I took the long road to my profession; eventually deciding that becoming an accountant and getting my CPA was what I wanted to do. I work for an international firm, which offers lots of opportunity and stability for us, while still allowing us to enjoy living in the Okanagan. Outside of work, we can often be found at the ski hill in the winter or hiking the local trails and camping in the summer. Lately, you’ll find us spending our evenings at home playing games. I also enjoy spending time in the kitchen and entertaining our friends and family. I’m definitely the cook in our relationship. The early days of COVID really challenged me to get creative with meals while shopping maybe once every 3 weeks! Most recently, I’ve started a little garden and had great success with tomatoes, basil, and rosemary! I’m looking forward to seeing what we can get up to this summer!

Supporting our surrogate through this journey is incredibly important to us. We cannot express in words how appreciative we are to have help making our biggest dream come true. We want your experience to be positive, rewarding, and enjoyable. It goes without saying that we will cover all of the costs related to the surrogacy and support our surrogate’s mental and physical health in anyway we can.

We would love to be as involved in the pregnancy as you’re comfortable with, while still respecting that you have your own life and family outside of the surrogacy. Likewise, after the birth, we are open to continuing a relationship with our surrogate. We believe that open communication between all parties is going to be most important during this process to ensure we’re all having a positive experience and your boundaries are respected. We again cannot tell you just how much we appreciate this – but we will do everything that we can to show you.

Jason & Charlie