Jason & Amanda

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Toronto, ON
Clinic: Mount Sinai
Embryo Status: 5 frozen PGT-A euploid embryos
Occupations: Social worker & Arborist

About Us

We are a loving happily married couple who live in Toronto, Canada. We admire each others strengths, embrace our similarities, and always celebrate our differences.

Our story began in May 2012 when we met on an organized trip. After meeting we spent everyday of the trip together getting to know one another … and the rest as they say is history. J

We got married in January 2017 amongst family and friends. Since this time we’ve been able to build our careers and take wonderful trips together.  Due to a health condition and past surgeries we are on a search for a gestational carrier to help us build our family.

We come from big loving families and our time spent together means so much to us. We have one niece and three nephews who we absolutely treasure. Spending time with them strengthens our desire of having our own child.

We own a house in a quiet safe Toronto neighbourhood with a nearby beautiful park and school. We have family and friends very close by which we’re so thankful for. We enjoy caring for our property, taking walks in the area, going for bike rides, and entertaining family and friends for dinners and backyard bonfires. Amanda is a registered social worker who enjoys her work with adults in the field of mental health and housing. Jason is an arborist who owns and runs a tree maintenance company. He studied arboriculture amongst other trades in college. He is also a level 2 ski instructor and has taught 2-80 year olds for many years in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta. Skiing is his greatest passion. Jason is also a very skilled swimmer and former lifeguard and bicyclist.

We’d like to have an open and supportive relationship with our surrogate as this aligns with the type of people we are. We do not wish to be invasive in her day-to-day life. We would like to attend doctors appointments when possible and if possible, be present during our child’s birth.

We plan to be honest and open with our future chid on how they came into the world as it’s a crucial part of their life history. We will be supportive if our gestational surrogate would like to spend time with them in the future after birth. This decision is entirely up to her as we would respect and honour their boundaries and privacy.

We can’t wait to meet you and start connecting with you. J Thank you for your kindness and altruism.


Jason & Amanda