Jason & Amanda

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Toronto, ON
Clinic: Mount Sinai
Embryo Status: 5 frozen PGT-A euploid embryos
Occupations: Social worker & Arborist

About Us

We've been together for 10 years since meeting in 2012. We've been happily married since January 2017. We are both born and raised in Toronto and come from big loving families. Family is extremely important to us. We look forward to connecting with you further to share more information. :)

We both come from Jewish Canadian families. Jason has 2 younger siblings and Amanda has 3 older siblings. Our nieces and nephew mean the world to us we truly treasure our time spent with them. Family and making memories together is how we like to spend our spare time. We would do anything for our loved ones.

Our infertility journey coupled with the very recent loss of Amanda's beloved father in January 2022 has been very tough. We truly hope to grow our family and help her Dad's legacy continue.

Due to past multiple pelvic surgeries and inflammatory bowel disease, Amanda has been unable to get pregnant with IVF. Medical experts have advised that a gestational carrier is the best realistic option for us at this time. We have 5 frozen euploid embryos with Mount Sinai hospital, all of which have been genetically tested. We' are willing to transfer the embryos to another clinic if need be to accommodate our surrogate.

Amanda is a registered social worker and truly enjoys her work with adults who are in need of housing, income and mental health supports. Jason is an arborist and owns and runs his own tree care company. He is a level 2 ski instructor as well and spent many years teaching skiing in B.C., Alberta and Toronto. Amanda has a keen interest in health and wellness and loves going for walks, attending workout classes and cooking. We love travelling and have shared in many great trips together in America, Canada, and Asia. We love going to cottages up North in the Summer and taking care good care of our home which we hope to raise our future baby in one day.

Most of all we really enjoy kicking back with family members and sharing good laughs and lots of love. Jason is hilarious and has quick wit to make people laugh.

We will commit to support our surrogate throughout the entire surrogacy journey. This includes all related costs/expenses such as fertility clinic screening and assessments, medication, travel related expenses, maternity clothing and vitamins, increased food expenses, time off of work due to pregnancy (if applicable) and missed wages due to maternity leave.

We are very honest kind and transparent people so we would certainly discuss this with our surrogate ahead of time to ensure they're comfortable and have a full understanding of all expenses covered.

It's extremely important to us that our surrogate's needs are not only met but truly supported. Beyond financial support, as an experienced registered social worker Amanda is also able to provide emotional support if need be as well.

We very much want to be in touch with our surrogate on a regular basis during the pregnancy so we are kept closely informed about medical tests results and appointments, any updates and of course to follow along on the exciting journey of our future growing baby. We respect and understand the space and boundaries of others so we don't want to smother or bug our surrogate. We want to be in touch with them in a way that feels right for them.

We are strong believers that it's crucial to keep in touch after pregnancy particularly as our baby grows up it's nice to keep up the connection so they know who carried them and who was the superhero to help bring them into this world and into our lives. We would be open to arranging visits and having video chats if our surrogate is open to that arrangement, no pressure. We are willing to travel!

Jason & Amanda