Jarrett & Skahentiioah

Canadian Intendeds Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Kahnawake, Quebec
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: 6 Frozen Embryos
Occupations: Iron Worker (Jarrett) / Customer Service (Skahentiioah)

Information about you and your partner:

My husband will tell you we met in 2007 through mutual friends. But, we actually met twice before. He doesn’t remember. The first time we met was on New Years Eve in the early 2000’s. I had stopped at the local bar with some friends. It was a few minutes before the ball drop. When I walked into the room I saw this tall, broad shouldered, handsome man. It was like the rest of the room disappeared. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I turned my head and he was still smiling. I walked away...About a year later our paths crossed again at a party. We talked for about two minutes but I was not ready to date at that time so that was that. Then, in 2007, we met again with a group of friends for dinner in Old Montreal. We hit it off and the rest is history.

Information about your family:

My husband and I both grew up with huge, extended families. And by huge I mean, picture that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My husband's father is of the Mohawk Nation. His mom was German. Their love story produced: my husband, his two brothers, and their sister. I grew up with my mom who is also Mohawk, my chosen dad who is African American, and my two sisters and brother. My spouse and I grew up in the tight knit community of Kahnawake. It is here that we have raised our son who is 19. Together with our son we live with ‘our baby’ who is our five year-old Olde English bulldog and our kitten Merle Haggard.

Information about your infertility struggles/how many embryos you have:

At the age of 22 I gave birth to the most handsome boy ever. 10 pounds and 14 ounces of handsome. I was overjoyed. Even as a single mom. I was also a mom who found herself having to have a hysterectomy on account of excessive hemorrhaging following a C-Section. When I met my husband a few years later. I told him my story. He loved me and my baby and that was that. Together we raised our son. Life was filled with camping trips, hockey games, and report cards. We saved our money. We built a home. We looked into IVf and were heartbroken to discover that we had just missed the deadline for the treatment to be covered by Quebec. With heavy hearts we pushed on. Life went by. We got engaged. We travelled. We got married. We watched as our boy grew up to be a young man. We didn’t know what to say to friends and family when they told us they were done having kids. Likewise, they didn’t know what to say on the rare occasion that we discussed our experience with secondary infertility. We decided to pursue IVF when we had some money saved. After one round of IVF we were blessed to have 6 embryos from the process. We froze our embryos. We asked close friends and family if they would be able to be our surrogate including my two sisters. Sadly, it was just not meant to be. So, here we are.

Details about your occupations, pets, hobbies, what you like to do for fun:

My husband is a social butterfly. He has a million friends. People are drawn to him and he is the only person I know who could get people talking in the bank. My husband is an ironworker. When he isn’t working he likes to: fish, play softball, and go to concerts. I, on the other hand, am a bit more shy until I get to know you. I work in the joyous field of customer service. I love to fish, visit family, and go biking. Our son just turned 19. His hobbies include making music on his computer. As a family we enjoy going on yearly camping trips to Vermont or visiting my husband's family in New Hampshire.

How will you support your surrogate…:

We would like to be informed of any reimbursable expenses that the surrogate may encounter throughout each phase of the surrogacy’s journey so as we may reimburse her via e-transfer.

What type of contact do you want with your surrogate during/after pregnancy

The last thing we would want is for our surrogate to feel as though she is alone in all this. Depending on her and her partners' (if applicable) comfort level; we would like to be involved as much as possible. I understand that every woman handles pregnancy differently as each pregnancy is different. Some women will tell you every symptom and some will simply tell you their due date. We would like to be able to support our surrogate by attending any doctor visits if she wants us to. We would like to be informed of all her symptoms if that is something she wants to share. Basically, we would like to become close to our surrogate as much as she would feel comfortable with through her pre-pregnancy and pregnancy phase. After the delivery we would want to continue to keep in touch with our surrogate if that is something that she wants to do.

Jarrett & Skahentiioah