American Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Clinic: Create
Embryo Status: 5 frozen embryos and 3 frozen eggs
Occupations: Lawyer and Global Public Health Expert

About Me

I want to be the future father of two wonderful kids and I am so grateful that you are taking the time to read about me and to consider becoming a part of my amazing journey. I grew up in Los Angeles, California. I am 44, American and gay. At this stage of my life it is time for me to shift my focus away from the career I have built to my future family because to me that is what is truly important in life. I want to have two kids because I have one sister and we are best friends. I am who I am today because of my sister and I want my kids to be stronger together. If I am blessed with twins I would be delighted but alternatively I plan to have a sibling journey within a year or two after the birth of my first child so that they can be close and grow together like my sister and I did.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland but I am extremely close to my family in Los Angeles. I am very passionate about global public health and building health systems for vulnerable people in African countries. In Geneva I have been honored to work for the World Health Organization and I have gotten to help children in rural villages access the doctors they need. It has been incredibly powerful and rewarding knowing that I have been able to meaningfully contribute people’s lives and their ability to live to their full potential.

I have loved this phase of my life but it is now time for me to focus on building the family that I have always dreamed of. I have recently shifted jobs. My new job gives me financial security and flexibility to work from home and spend more time with my future kids. I am still in Geneva but my new job will let me move back to the United States and be closer to my family which I am so excited about!

I am embarking on this journey as a single father. I would have loved to have found a partner and teammate who wanted to do this together, but this has not been the case. Building a family is too important to me to wait around for someone to come along and I have a wonderful family and extended family that can hardly wait to surround my future kids with love and support. I also truly believe that at the right time I will meet the right person and that is okay for me and my kids!

Thank you again for considering to be the surrogate in my journey. I don’t have the words to effectively express what this would mean for me, my future kids and my whole family – thank you, I am forever grateful.

I am so grateful for my warm, loving and energetic family. I am very close to my parents, particularly my mom – she is really my best friend. I grew up Catholic and my mom has always been central to that. My Mom has such a wonderful spark and dedication to the family. She is the center of my family, the beating heart. Everything about my family includes my mom and her steady and stable guidance. My mom has a unique way of making all of us feel incredibly valued and she makes holidays and family events so special at home. My mom is a fantastic cook and cooking together is essential – everything is about food. Our family home in Los Angeles has always been a stable safe haven for my sister and I. My Mom is core to my journey to have kids and she is so excited to have a central role in their future lives, every day. I plan to spend the first several months after birth with my parents in Los Angeles at home.

My sister Kimberly and I are extremely close. We went to university at the same time and have wonderful memories sharing an apartment together. She has a seven-year-old son, Burt, and its such a special part of my life to be so close to him and to speak almost daily on the phone. Its incredible to me to see how fast he grows, how he learns and how he can challenge me to grow. I look forward every day for him to know my kids and for my kids to learn from Cousin Burt!

In addition to my blood family, I am so blessed to have an extended network of close friends that I have known over my entire life – extended family and we grew up together. They are all so incredibly supportive of my journey and will be a part of the lives of my future children and family. Kelly has three kids – Zach, Ashley and Riley – they call me Uncle Jamie and I get to see them regularly. My best friend Luca is a single gay father and is raising his 3-year-old daughter Greta. I have learned so much with him through his surrogacy journey and Greta is growing into a beautiful, strong and energetic young girl – I love that I get to know her and be a part of their lives. Luca’s family is also extremely close and loving and will play a large role as extended family for my children.

My future kids will be brought into a world surrounded by incredible love and energy – not just from me or my immediate family, but from a beautiful and multi-cultural extended family all around the world. I believe that kids need more than a single parent to grow and thrive and I love that my family environment is a true village of support for them and will encourage them to grow into their best selves. I can’t wait to meet my kids and to see who they may become!

I so look forward to meeting my future surrogate – maybe she is you 😊. I have five frozen embryos at Create Fertility Center and three additional frozen eggs. As a gay man surrogacy is the only way that I can have kids and a family of my own. Surrogacy is such an incredible and powerful process. The gift you are considering will truly change my life. I cannot thank you enough for even considering this with me.

I am a sincere, nice, caring and fun guy. I love to laugh, love my family and friends and making a meaningful contribution to make our world a better place. I am a lawyer but also a global public health expert focused on helping vulnerable people in African countries. I studied in San Francisco and Bern, Switzerland. I have a PhD in international law and global policy.

I love sports, travel, cooking, theater, swimming, sailing, trekking and many more. I am easy to talk to, never judge and look for the positive. Life is so short, we never know how long we will have, and I want to make the most out of every day. I have a lovely, and very puffy, cat. I would love to have a dog as soon as I move into a house with a yard. At the moment I live in an apartment in the heart of the city.

I would be delighted to support my surrogate at every stage in any way she would like – as much or as little. I have no set expectations and want to learn from you. My hope would be that through open and honest discussion we can find a way forward together that works for us both. My geographic distance makes it so that I cannot be there in person everyday, but we can talk and message as much as you would like and I will come to be there in person as often or as little as you would like. I am happy to cover any and all costs/expenses as appropriate.

I would love to have as much or as little relationship/contact with my surrogate and her family during and after pregnancy as she would like. My hope is to learn together. My family is incredibly open and excited to meet my surrogate if she would like to but there would absolutely be no pressure. I don’t have any set expectations.

I would like for my future child to know my surrogate and to have the option to meet her when they are older should they wish. I would also love for my surrogate to select a photo for my future child to have of her in their room as they grow up.