Jacob & Joel

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Clinic: Create
Embryo Status: 10 healthy, fully tested embryos frozen and ready to go!
Occupations: (Joel) Engineer / (Jacob) Banking

About Us

Hey there! We’re Jacob and Joel - two fun loving, energetic and optimistic guys who dream of building a family of our own. We are so humbled by your decision to be a surrogate and we hope this helps you get to know us!

Everything you need to know about Jacob & Joel:

• Recently married, together for 8 amazing years
• Always dreamed of having children and building a family
• Blessed with amazing family and friends that support us
• Lovers of nature, adventures, cuddles and pizza
• Can’t wait to meet you and go on this journey together :)

Joel is an outdoorsy, math and science kinda guy and Jacob is the bubbly and energetic one. Our friends go to Joel whenever they need something fixed, and they can’t wait to try the newest recipe that Jacob’s making in the kitchen.
While we might appear different on paper, where it matters - our values, aspirations and goals - are near identical. We bonded early over our love of family and a lifelong desire for children of our own.
As our time together continues, our dream of building a family has only grown stronger. We are both proud of our careers, and with the stability it provides, we feel ready and prepared to do so. Today, we are excited to have 10 healthy, PGS-tested embryos at Create in Toronto and we can’t wait to find an amazing woman to help us make our dream come true.

A little more about us and our family:

Thanks to Tinder back in 2014, we were lucky to fall in love and discover that we’d found one another’s perfect match. A loving and caring relationship built on trust and thoughtfulness has been our trademark - best friends, life adventurers and ultimate confidants, we are so ready to share all our love and raise a child together.
We love spending time with our families; hanging out or visiting as often as we can - you’ll often find Jacob on the phone giving his parents an update, or a niece or nephew calling and asking Joel for help with homework.
Jacob is the youngest of 5 siblings and Joel has one older sister. With many nieces and nephews between us, we’ve had our fair share of diaper changes, baby sitting, car seats and family adventures. It’s given us both a preview of life with kids and there’s nothing we want more.
Jacob is super-uncle, keeping up to date with all the kids’ lives and dishing life advice on speed dial. No one can wait until the next time they get to play boardgames with Joel or have a sleepover at the “fun uncles” house.

What you can expect from us:

We want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy on this wild ride together. We hope our profile has given you an idea of who we are, and we’d be so happy to chat more and answer any questions you might have.
The help of a surrogate is a blessing and a miracle and we are so grateful that you are considering helping us to build a family and we are ready to cover all the expenses related to your pregnancy. We're pretty low drama guys and not the sort to nickel and dime people... plain and simple, we’ve got your back!
We would love nothing more than to have a close and ongoing relationship with our surrogate! We'd love updates and hearing how you’re doing. If comfortable, we'll come to every appointment to support you and hopefully grab some lunch after. Equally, we get that people are busy and have their own lives and we don't want to make demands either. We’re happy to meet your expectations, go with the flow and make sure your experience is the best one possible.

So that’s us in a nutshell - we hope you liked our profile and we can’t wait to meet you!

Jacob & Joel