Australian Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Queensland, Australia
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: 3 Frozen Embryos (1 PGS tested)
Occupation: Nurse

About Me

My goal in life is to be a dad.
I've never wanted anything more than that and nice family.
I am so blessed with the gift a baby boy 2018, with the help of surrogate in 2018 we matched and close good friends now. He is everything for me and my dream I always dreamed .

I always pray my child have a sibling.

As I been a single child in a family even I have a lot of cousins etc., I would like my son have a sibling. I am originally from Ukraine, Eastern Europe, but for better life I end up to live in Australia and glad it happened that way. I have been in Australia over 15 years.

I am currently working in the hospital as a Registered Nurse.

Only one thing that absolutely tears my heart out, is that one day when I am gone, my son will have no other immediate family, he will be alone. I think about this daily, and how my son will feel about it. It breaks my heart! Bringing a sibling into the world would be the greatest gift that my baby boy and I would ever receive in our lifetimes as it would complete our family. Nothing would make us happier. My precious son loves other kids, fussing over babies and often asks for a sibling, (‘my baby’ he calls).

As this is the biggest, dearest and kindest gift anyone will have every given me, I want my surrogate to feel supported and appreciated! I want to be a support person to my surrogate during the pregnancy and want to take her lead and direction on how much involvement she is comfortable with. I know that I want her to feel supported and appreciated by me.

The only chance to make this dream true it only with the help such an amazing woman like you. I would like we build our relationship not only during the journey but keep in touch during the life.

Unfortunately our first surrogate would like to have sibling journey with us however health issues would not allowed to her safely to do so , and why I have to start all over again from the beginning .

I won’t be able to visit all appointments with you however I will be always reached anytime and with the prompt respond.

I am looking to hear from you soon and am happy to answer any questions you may have.
If you read this post and feel you are that special Angel that can help to complete our family please message me .🥰