Francesco & Gianpiero

Italian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
Embryo Status: Frozen PGT-A Embryos

About Us

“Inner strength is the most powerful protection you have. Don't be afraid to take responsibility for your happiness "
Dalai Lama

We met 10 years ago as a couple of guys from the 2010s, two homosexual guys who live far away and whose only way to meet people and share experiences is through chat. A knowledge that started from a well-founded premise: to go beyond appearances and dig deep to seek and find someone important for one's life.

My name is Francesco, I am 39 years old and in my lifetime I am Logistics & Spare Parts Manager for an Italian multinational.
I was born in a small village in central Italy, in Umbria, where the best thing for a 28-year-old boy is to escape from the daily routine.
I've always been a pretty busy guy: I've always attended all the schools in my city, and the university in the neighboring town. In short, all normal, except that I discovered my homosexuality very soon and how close that life was to me. After two years I decided to enlist in the Carabinieri Arm . I spent two challenging years, strong, at times exciting but also hard for my condition. When I took my leave, however, I returned to my usual life and wandering to avoid being nailed to the village in Umbria

My name is Gianpiero, I am 45 years old and in life I am a Baker. I was born in a small town in southern Italy and grew up in the city of Ascoli Piceno, my father's City. My life was not a walk, like all the guys who are aware of being "different" I fought a whole life to understand who I was, what I wanted and above all what was my place in the world.
I am a sensitive boy, introverted but with a strong character.
I have built my independent life since I was 19, and this life itself has never been kind to me.
I built all that I am and all that I have alone, with my strength, with my sweat I laid the foundations of the man I am today.
One day, just for fun or perhaps for a strange coincidence, in a chat, we met, some exchange of word with the promise and the desire to meet, albeit many kilometers away ... but it was immediately spark.

We spoke and soon we saw halfway in that place and date that became our anniversary ... it was 2012.
It is like being in the dark of the night with a lighted lantern: you notice the light, the torch and you understand that that little flame can become a burning and perennial fire!
In October of the same year I (Francesco) moved to Ascoli Piceno, the city of Gianpiero, and we went to live together.
It was love, love at first sight.

Gianpiero: I spent the first years of my life in the countryside, the best place for a child and his little older sister to spend their childhood .... surrounded by nature, every day was a new adventure: catching ladybugs, climbing up a trailer with the illusion of driving it in dad's lap, trying to caress our little dog (I've never been able to), saving a mouse from the clutches of a big cat or being saved by the little sister because you are ending up in the nettles while chasing the chickens ... a beautiful period of my life. Then we moved to the city, and with the third little sister who until recently was just a wad in her mother's arms, we start going to school. The new life in the city immediately shows its positive sides: many new friends to play with!
After school, my need for independence immediately leads me into the world of work and the desire to make it on my own soon leads me to buy a house. When I was 27 I had a stable job and my apartment, everything was ready to really know me and to welcome a partner in my life ... but I had to wait almost 10 years before I found true love! It was worth it because now I am here thanks to him and with him we are coming for a new life among us. A child who will love us, who we will love and who will change our life, a life that can't wait to be changed!

Francesco: As I said, I was born in a small town in Umbria, a region of Central Italy.
It is called San Giustino. My family, my mother, my father and my sister still all live there together.
They have been married for more than 40 years now, and have spent their whole life looking after us children and trying to give us the best.
It wasn't easy, they always tried to do their best!

Being a same-sex couple, the journey to have children was already indicated. Without considering the fact that we live in a country, Italy, far behind in the matter of people's rights. Our desire to have child was born slowly in the time, it grew and strengthened over the years, until, in July 2021, we decided to resort to surrogacy to carry in the heart. Right now we have found our egg donor and are in the process of having the results and proceeding with the retrival. Hopefully, the embryos will be ready by the end of July. Then we can proceed with the transfer. As we live in Italy, move to Canada will not be easy: obviously we will do our best. We would like to move to Canada for the birth in August, so we would like to have the transfer within the first week of November at latest.

Our biggest hobby is playing beach volleyball! We are lucky enough to live in a seaside town, San Benedetto del Tronto, with many beaches! We love travel and go out with our friends (all our friends are enthusiastic to become Uncles!) We like cinema and theater and… eat well!

This is for us the realization of a dream: the dream of becoming parents !. Obviously we will support in every way the person who will change this dream in reality: we will be truly grateful. Thanks to her, our life will change radically, and our family will expand to give even more love. We want your experience to be positive, rewarding and fun… the best it can be. Of course we will cover all costs related to surrogacy and fully support you on your journey. Your health and happiness is the thing that is most important to us.

We would love to get involved in pregnancy, respecting you, your life and your family outside of surrogacy. For whatever we will be present, aware of the distances, of the different language, but at the same time you will not have to worry if you want to hear, call or see us: today technology helps us a lot! Likewise, after birth, we are open to continuing a relationship with our Belly Mommy. After this long journey spent and faced together, after giving birth, we can only consider you part of our extended family !
Once again we don’t have enough words to tell you how much we appreciate your help to realize our dream.

Francesco & Gianpiero