Francesca & Marika

Italian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Montebelluna Veneto, Italy
Clinic: Repromed
Embryo Status: 4 PGT Tested Frozen Embryos
Occupation: Sales Director (Francesca) / Survey Technician (Marika)

About Us

I am 38 years old, Marika she is 42 years old, we live in Montebelluna small city near Venice where also our parents live.

I am sales director in a decorative paints company. Marika is surveyor technician in a company near mine.

Our dream is to have a family together, in Italy the law does not allow us (for homosexual couple) to adopt or have a baby by surrogacy or by IVS (artificial insemination from donor).

We decided to have a family in 2019 from surrogate because we had some health problems and we can't have a pregnancy.

Due to Covid 19 restriction unfortunately we was in Canada to Repromed Clinic in Toronto only in November 2021.

We love children and we would like to have a numerous family .

Our area is a landscape where we can have long walks and relaxing time, for a family is wonderful.

We love travel so we would like to visit and have a relationship with surrogate also after pregnancy if she is agree.

We would like to meet surrogacy mother before, during the pregnancy giving all the support is necessary.

For us is easy to come to Canada and we would like that our baby know and meet the surrogacy mother and keep a good and long relationship with her.

We will come to Canada for all the ultrasounds and tests during the pregnancy.

Francesca & Marika