Donath & Ordian

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Clinic: PCRM Edmonton
Embryo Status: 1 Frozen embryo
Occupations: Access and Privacy Advisor (Ordian) Career Employment Consultant (Donath)

About Us

We met at a High school in Jamaica where we were both Teachers. Donath initiated the conversation, which ended in us setting up a first date and we have been together since. That was 14 years ago, married for the last 12 years. We migrated to Canada on December of 2010 are currently living in Edmonton, Alberta. Being teachers, we have always loved children and always wanted a family of our own. We do not have a lot of family and friends within Canada therefore we tend to do a lot of traveling. Mostly, we travel to Jamaica or Florida as these are the places most of our family and friends resides.. We also like traveling and discovering new places together. We are both from very large families which make it extremely hard not having a family of our own and sometimes this reality can become daunting. But we always try to remain positive.

We are both from very large families, with over 8 siblings between us. Our parents are still alive and are living in Jamaica and Florida.

We have been trying to have children for over 10 years. Struggled with uterine fibroid, having done over 7 surgeries which left a scarred uterus. We have tried having children via IVF, having done 2 IVF and 2 IUI treatments without success. We had 8 donor eggs after fertilization left us with 1 day 5 embryo.

Written by Donath: What I love about Ordian is that she makes me feel that anything is possible. She is fearless, kind, determined and a very strong woman, one of the strongest I know. Ordian is very goal oriented. When she puts her mind to something she see it through. When I am with her she listens and give positive feedback as to how I can make improvement whether it be work related or in our personal lives. I would not be the man I am today without her. Ordian hobbies are: Watching and going to the movies, walking and travelling.

Written by Ordian: What I love about Donath, is his sense of humor, caring, responsible, his intelligence and his positive work attitude. Donath always does funny things to make me laugh. He always makes sure that his family is taken care of and will go out of his way to lend a helping hand. He is my best friend. Donath hobbies are Socializing, Watching TV, Sleeping, Listening to Music, Watching and playing Sports.

We are planning to support our surrogate expenses from saving and from current employment.

We would like to have a close relationship with our surrogate and be kept updated on what is happening especially during the time before the transfer and during the pregnancy. But we would also left this up to the surrogate to make sure that she is comfortable with whatever we decide. We would like to discuss this and come to a mutual agreement.

Donath & Ordian