Canadian Intended Parent Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Clinic: Olive
Embryo Status: 5 PGTA tested frozen embryos
Occupation: EAP Teacher

To the Amazing Surrogate Mom:

My background:

I have always wanted to have children. I grew up in Canada was raised in a traditional Asian family and family values were always part of my upbringing. I’m very close with my mom and dad. We immigrated to Canada when I was six years old while my dad was pursuing higher education here in the 1980s.

Why I need your help: :

I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. I know it sounds rough but I believe things happen for a reason and I can always see the bright side of things. I was super lucky in that it was caught in the earliest stage. I fell into all the right hands at the right time. I had an absolutely amazing team of doctors and healthcare professionals all the way through. My gynaecologist (the best one) knew that I was planning a pregnancy when I was diagnosed so she made a fertility plan for me! She told me not to worry, that I can still have children through IVF and surrogacy. I was able to avoid chemo/radiation and recovered very quickly. I’m completely cancer-free now. Many days, I forget it even happened. My surgeon told me that I was a unique case - I did not have any unhealthy lifestyle factors - in fact, I’m a total health freak, I exercise, I eat healthy, I never engage in risky behaviours. I even took a genetic screening test and confirmed that I do not have any genetic disposition to cancer of any kind. It’s just one of those things that happened randomly. The experience has not changed me in any negative way, not like what people imagine. The only difference is I’m now extra appreciative, optimistic and accepting of life.

More about me as a person:

I was always a girlie girl growing up, the typical good Asian kid who got good grades and played piano and never got into trouble at school. In my free time, I love to do yoga, dance, hiking. After graduation, I worked as an ESL and EAP teacher for many years. I was always told I look very young for my age. Fifteen years after Grad, I still get asked if I just graduated! I always wanted to have a traditional family. Several years ago, I got married but things didn’t work out. I’m now divorced but have an excellent relationship with my ex-husband. I am now back in Grad school wrapping up an MA in Education. I’m still certain I will have that happy family life one day, just not necessarily in a traditional way. I really don’t mind breaking barriers any how! I don’t want to be constrained by traditions of what my life should look like and how I should live by the expectations of others (especially in conservative Asian culture). I used to think I had control of everything in my life but now I believe you can only write your own story by taking control of your own happiness. I like that saying that Your life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with it. My parents are always super supportive of me as are a whole bunch of friends and family friends. I’ve already got a long list of people signed up for babysitting duty…

There’s absolutely no reason why I can’t be the best mom in the world to a very happy and healthy baby. I just need some help from a very special person to get started.

In terms of our relationship, I’m a very easy-going person who likes communication, healthy boundaries and positive vibes. I’m always that responsible team player who helps solve problems. Please talk to me so we can get to know each other. I have a good feeling we’ll find each other soon!