Christian & Monica

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Barrie, Ontario
Clinic: TRIO
Embryo Status: IVF Cycle in process
Occupations: Finance & Insurance Managers/ Investment Manager

About Us

Christian and I met at work. Our love was unexpected, Its amazing how one day someone walks into your life and suddenly, you cant remember how you lived without them. We quickly became friends , and as time went on our friendship grew into an indescribable connection. We are so thankful for each other and feel we are so lucky we get to experience this kind of love.

I was born in Portugal and came to Canada at a very young age. I was raised in Burlington, Ontario. As a child, my family and I travelled a lot. I got to experience and learn about so many cultures at such a young age. I spent most of my childhood riding around on bikes playing with my friends. I have 3 siblings, we are all very close and never miss our monthly family dinners!

Christian was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. He spent most of his childhood outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking etc. Christian has always led a very healthy active lifestyle. He has 3 siblings as well, his family is one of the most loving family I've ever met and even though its so big everyone still makes time to keep in touch. Its always a great time when we get everyone together.

Monica had to have a hysterectomy due to medical concerns. Luckily she was able to keep her ovaries. Due to the hysterotomy Monica is not able to carry a child. That's why we are looking for our hero to help us bring a beautiful baby into our family.

Christian and I spend most of our free time outdoors. We love entertaining for friends and family. We spend most of our summers out back by the pool, going for walks and hikes. We love cooking together and just simply enjoying each others company. In the winter is when we do our travelling. We are trying to go somewhere new every year. We love learning about other cultures and just seeing what this beautiful planet has to offer.

We understand taking on this kind of journey can be an incredibly sensitive time for everyone involved. Pregnancy on its own is a huge deal, but carrying a pregnancy for someone else is monumental. We want to be able to help with as much as we can. Whether it is financially or emotionally. We will be there for every step of the way and we will make sure all costs and expenses are covered. We will think about your needs , and ask you directly how we can help make this process as easy on you as we possibly can from start to finish. We will keep an open dialogue with you to show our support and recognize what you are doing to make our dreams come true for us. We will also respect your privacy and understand your boundaries.

To go from not knowing someone to the intimate relationship of having this new person in your life actually becoming pregnant with and give birth to our baby is pretty amazing to think about. Mainly, mutual respect, care, understanding, and communication is very important to us. The hope is that our surrogate and us will be able to look back on the surrogacy experience with appreciation for what it was and the incredible impact it made.

Christian & Monica