Chris & Layla

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Clinic: NewLife
Embryo Status: 2 Frozen PGS embryos
Occupations: Managing Partner - Executive Search Firm (Chris) / Event Planner & Professional Organizer (Layla)

About Us

Chris and I (Layla) met as volunteers at a community outreach event, serving the homeless back in 2008. We became instant best friends and partnered in many outreach events providing food & other necessities for underprivileged families in our city. Our passion to serve the community, creating beautiful and creative charity work with dignity helped set the stage for Chris and I to develop a friendship that ultimately led to us realizing we are soul mates and destined to be together!

We both had waited a very long time to meet the right person who could share in our passion to serve our community and enjoy the things that we do and pursue the things that we believe in. ... well.... waiting has its reward!! We have found in each other the family and the unity we have always wanted and waited for. We were married in Florence, Italy in 2018 and currently live in Toronto.

I (Layla) have a 20 year old son from a previous relationship. Watching Chris become the most incredible and loving stepfather to my son inspired us to believe and desire what I always regretted not having in the past... having more children and giving my son siblings close in age. Chris and I both come from large families and we have hoped and prayed to be able to grow our family.

In 2020 we were blessed through a frozen embryo transfer for me (Layla) to be able to get pregnant and carry our baby boy, who is now almost 2 years old. The age difference is 19 years between our sons, and we have found that the joy and satisfaction in having more children is more powerful than ever. We are more excited and elated to grow our family than ever.

But after my second cesarean birth in 2020 and being at a higher risk for a complicated pregnancy, I (Layla) have been advised to not carry any more children. We still have 2 more frozen embryo babies and our dream and prayer is that we be able to find a surrogate (angel) mother to carry our baby for us so that we can fulfill our dreams of growing our family.

Chris and I (Layla) love to travel, to spend time in nature, to create more and more outreach events to help the people in our community as we believe we have received so many good things in life that it's our responsibility to give back. We also love spending time with our family and watching movies!

We believe there is no higher calling in life than to be a surrogate mother. The level of self sacrifice and love that it would take in a woman to be a surrogate mom is mind blowing to us!! We are so excited to create the most supportive and helpful relationship for our surrogate mother...all based on her personal needs and preferences! We also are committed to covering all of her expenses and costs and making sure all of her needs are met, financially and on every level. We consider someone being our surrogate mother the biggest honor to our family and we want to make sure that this is the most comfortable, respected and supported experience for her!

We are very committed (and excited) to share such a unique and exciting adventure as surrogacy with our surrogate mamma!! We definitely believe in respecting her privacy & comfort level....but we would love to come along to Dr appointments, and participate as much as possible in everything along the way, we believe that this is such a special relationship, we will always consider her a part of our family's incredible story!

Chris & Layla