Andrew & Jolee

Canadian Intended Parents Searching for a Gestational Surrogate

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Clinic: TRIO
Embryo Status: Frozen PGS Embryos
Occupations: (Andrew) Real Estate Developer / (Jolee) Operations at Tim Hortons

About Us

Jolee & Andrew’s intended parent profile

Hi!  Nice to meet you!  Our names are Jolee & Andrew, and we are looking for a special person to help us start our long-awaited family.  

Andrew:  It was love at first sight for me when I met Jolee in Chicago in 2010.  We were meeting our classmates for the first time and preparing for a school trip that included a seven day hike.  Jolee’s chipper attitude and incredibly fast hiking pace made her stand out from the group and made me think this is the woman I want to spend my life with.  It took a bit longer to convince Jolee that I was the man she wanted to spend her life with, but I eventually made it out of the friend zone.

Jolee:  After school, our respective jobs took us to different cities, and we continued a long distance romance criss-crossing between Portland, Oregon and Toronto.  In 2016, I left my hometown and moved to Canada to build a life together with Andrew.  We married in 2019 and have been attempting to start our family ever since.  After a year of trying with no success, we began investigating alternative paths to becoming parents.  We were pleased to find out we were great candidates for IVF, but learned we would need help from a surrogate.

Andrew:  I was born in Toronto to an extremely loving mother and father.  My dad grew up on a cattle ranch, decided he didn’t really love ranching, and worked hard to become an accountant.  His drive to change his circumstances has been an inspiration to me.  My Mom was living in Los Angeles working as a publicist to celebrities when they met.  It was a unique combination, but together they created a loving and supportive home in which to raise me and my sister.  I feel lucky to have had such a caring start in life and one of my life goals is to pay that forward to the next generation.  

I love the outdoors.  Whether riding my mountain bike on forested trails, cross country skiing around the ranch in the winter, or canoe tripping in Algonquin Park I love being outside and challenging myself.   I also love building things.  I am an engineer and work for a home building company helping with the design and construction process.  A recent personal project was building an off-grid tiny home in the woods.  I am hopeful that someday I can take our child there to pass on some of the backwoods lessons I learned from my Dad.

Jolee:  I grew up in Portland, Oregon and love to run and spend time outside.  I started my career in Chicago working at an after school tutoring program for inner city youth.  I enjoyed helping my students overcome the challenges of growing up on Chicago’s south side and am still in touch with many of them.  It is nice to check in with them, hear about their lives, and offer some advice on the problems they face. After attending business school, I switched careers and now work in operations at a Canadian restaurant company.  I moved to Canada in 2016 and quickly fell in love with Toronto.  After marrying Andrew, I became a permanent resident and am extremely happy to call Canada home.

I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My parents divorced early in my childhood and I split time between the two houses. Each of my parents remarried and had additional children and our relationships are different and unique. My childhood underscored the importance of family and I can’t wait to welcome a child into our loving home.

Andrew:  Family is important to both of us and we have been excited to start our own for many years.  With a successful IVF treatment behind us and 5 healthy PGT tested embryos in cold storage, we are closer than we have ever been, but it was not easy.  The IVF treatment was very hard on Jolee, led to a bad case of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, and a scary month of near daily visits to the operating room.  During this ordeal, we learned of physical complications that prevent Jolee from safely carrying a child.  We are happy to have this behind us and are looking forward to meeting the woman who can help us cross the finish line.

Jolee:  We have been preparing for our hoped-for family for some time.  We have worked hard to become financially secure and capable of covering the costs of IVF and surrogacy (and child rearing!).  We recently moved into a cute home that is the perfect size for our anticipated family with a great school just down the street, and a shady backyard for playdates.

Andrew:  We are grateful that options like IVF and surrogacy exist, and that thoughtful and generous women (and their families) would consider helping us build our dreamed of family.  Recognizing the huge contribution made by a surrogate, we would like to build a close relationship with the surrogate where they can rely us on for the support that will make this process easier.  We also recognize some surrogates may prefer a different relationship and we would be pleased to accommodate their wishes.  

Jolee:  We are naturally enthusiastic people and are excited for the process.  We think the excitement and energy we bring to the pregnancy and the surrogate/parent relationship will make the process fun.  We hope to lighten the surrogate’s load in any way we can, and imagine supporting the surrogate and her family by sending prepared meals and other creature comforts, spending a relaxing day together at our cottage, or offering the surrogate a helping hand with that long lingering backyard project.  

Andrew:  We would like to maintain a relationship with the surrogate if they are interested.   We are thankful that someone would consider helping us build our family and would treat a surrogate as a part of the family (if they were interested).  We imagine staying close via Facebook and Instagram, and catching up on the phone around birthdays, graduations, and the like. 

Jolee:  Please check out a quick video we made to share a bit more about our lives together and the adventures we hope have as a family. 


Jolee & Andrew