Mark & Kerrie with Cailyn

Proud New Parents Mark & Kerrie with newborn Cailyn at Lodi Gardens in New Delhi, India

After years of losses and struggling emotionally to have a baby we found surrogacy in India. We had some struggles in India as well and eventually found a doctor and clinic who were able to provide us with a very positive experience. On December 27th 2010, Dr Shivani Sachdev-Gour called us from New Delhi India to tell us that we were pregnant. This was a very exciting and nerve wracking time for us, but after monthly ultrasounds and updates from India we were more than pleased to announce the safe arrival of our baby girl, Cailyn Leia in August 2011!

Ultrasound @ 19 weeks Happy Birthday Cailyn! Cailyn

(Cailyn on ultrasound @ 19 weeks and moments after her birth.)


Cailyn was born August 17th 2011 @ 2:22pm New Delhi time, 2.89kg (6.4lbs)

The experience in New Delhi was wonderful, and the whole team at the clinic made the long distance pregnancy as easy as possible for us. We worked with a wonderful surrogate name Sumita who was 35 at the time of egg transfer. She did an amazing job for us delivering a perfectly healthy baby. Dr Shivani has her own IVF hospital with state of the art IVF equipment and the highest standards in place for sanitary housekeeping of not only the operating theatre and lab but the entire facility.

Cailyn with Canadian Passport Canadian High Commission in India

It took us four weeks to come home from her birth. We had to have a DNA test as requested by the Canadian High commission which took a week as it had to be processed in Canada. After proving genetic link we were granted a temporary passport for the baby, and this took one week to obtain. The passport allowed us to then visit two Indian government offices where we needed to satisfy the Indian government that we lived up to our end of the 38 page contract, and then we could obtain a visa for the baby to travel. The experience was actually very easy, just took some time to work through each step.


We would highly recommend investigating this as an affordable option for surrogacy and would be happy to speak with anyone about our experiences.

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Financial costs of pursuing surrogacy in India...

Surrogacy Program cost: IVF and transfer in Delhi approx. $24000.00

Travel: average $1300.00/person round trip via Jet Air

Accommodation: We stayed at a hotel during our IVF time which was around $105.00/ night. For baby pick up we stayed at a B&B which cost $80.00/night

Food: Very cheap to eat in Delhi. A large pizza with salad and two pops cost less than $8.00 delivered!

C-Section + 24 hrs care for baby in hospital before discharge approx.: $2500.00

For Canadian Citizens

Exit process charges:

DNA testing


Birth Certificate


Citizenship application for baby


Passport for baby


Waiver of guarantor for passport


Exit Visa for baby


Exit liason (not a lawyer) approx./baby

*this is not necessary - we opted to use this service to expedite the process




Summary (prices will vary based on time of year for travel, accommodation and surrogacy requirements)

Surrogacy - IVF fresh transfer

$ 24,000.00

Flight x 4 (two trips/person)


Accommodation X 4 weeks @ B&B

$ 2,240.00

Accommodation x 12 days for IVF


Average food cost/day two people x 6 weeks (4 weeks for baby pick up, twelve days for IVF)


Hospital Charges



This is truly ballpark based on what we experienced. Some days we spent more on food and other days less...

I also forgot to include getting around. Rickshaws are cheap cheap! You can go a long distance for $2.00. We rented a car and driver for our High Comission and Indian gov. appointments and also some site seeing and day trips and for 5 weeks the total bill for using a car and driver almost every day was $325.00. Very affordable.


*** Also please note if you are considering this option and have embryos frozen in a Canadian clinic, arrangements can be made to fly your embryos to India (average cost for air medical transport is $3-5,000CDN). ~ Surrogacy in Canada Online