We welcome intended parents from all over the world and international intended parents currently make up approximately 50% of our program members.  We have been assisting international intended parents with surrogacy in Canada since 2001. We do not charge an "international fee" due to the added costs that international intended parents will incur. Although some surrogates prefer to match with Canadian intended parents only, we do have surrogates open to matching with international intended parents as well.

Surrogacy is an incredible family building option that has helped many couples become parents when they otherwise could not in their own country.  Surrogacy is prohibited or restricted in many countries around the world and as a result, international intended parents have turned to Canada for assistance. Canada is widely considered to be the preferable country for surrogacy due to our altruistic surrogacy legislation, high standard of health care and supportive environment for intended parents and surrogates.

There are however, additional challenges international intended parents will face compared to Canadian intended parents. These challenges can include…

Clear communication between you and your surrogate is critical for the success of your relationship together. Due to time differences and possible language barriers, it can be more difficult for the intended parents and their surrogate to develop and maintain a mutually respectful, caring, long-distance surrogacy relationship. Now with the use of Google Translate, Skype, Facetime, and Whatsapp all parties can communicate easily despite time and cultural differences. If complete translation services are required this can affect your ability to find a match with a surrogate. As you think about working with a surrogate carefully consider how much communication you would like to have with her during this process. 

Visits To Your Surrogate
Canadian intended parents are generally able to attend some or most of the surrogate's doctor appointments during the pregnancy; whereas, international intended parents are less likely to have that same opportunity. If intended parents are unable to participate in their surrogate's appointments, our internet-savvy surrogates often gladly update their intended parents after every appointment. They will give you baby measurements, lab results, ultrasound images and any recommendations made by the doctor. Because our surrogates understand that this is your pregnancy too, our surrogates will treat you as the parents from the moment there is a confirmed pregnancy. Of course, if you can attend any of the appointments during the pregnancy, it will immensely deepen your relationship with your surrogate and her medical provider. Taking an active interest/role in your surrogate's medical appointments shows your interest in not only your surrogate's health, but also in the health and development of your unborn baby.  It's important for surrogates to see intended parents showing interest and an active role in their unborn baby's development.