Jaclyn Swinkels


My name is Jaclyn Swinkels, I'm the current webmaster for Surrogacy in Canada Online. The company I work for, The Net Now has worked with Sally for over 10 years. In 2009 I began creating the current website with Sally and have continued to work with her ever since. My role includes maintaining the current site and also working with Sally on updating/adding to various resources on the site.

As a young woman just starting in my field I remember the day we started working on the website. I was unfamiliar with the world of a surrogacy. I remember discussions with my boss where she explained how surrogacy worked and told me of Sally's surrogacy journey. I've since learned lots through Sally and from reading the stories on the website. I constantly find myself reading materials that Sally has posted. Needless to say I find the information on this site very interesting.

I look forward to continuing to assist with the surrogacy.ca website and am excited for what the future brings as far as further developing different features of the site so it continues to be a go-to resource for those interested in surrogacy.


Website: http://thenetnow.com