The Birth ~ Written by Heather....

At 11:30pm we received a call from Micheal Grant telling us Sally was at the hospital and she was going to have a c-section because the babies were breech. When the phone rang we had the feeling it was it!!! We were so excited and nervous! We had packed our bags several days before so we left 15 minutes after this call. The day before was unusually cold for Maryland temperatures and there was still ice on the roads so we had to be careful driving. But we were so excited, anxious and happy, we wanted to arrive in Stratford as soon as possible. We arrived at 11:05am at the hospital. On the way we were worried about Sally, we knew she much preferred a natural delivery and a c-section was not on her wish list, but we knew she was in good hands beause we were told long before that the Stratford hospital has excellent staff and Sally's ob is real good so this made the worries a little less.

When we arrived we asked where the maternity ward was and a nurse told us the 2nd floor, so we rushed through the door and to the elevator and then we pressed the intercom button. The person on the other end asked us who we were and we explained. So, we got in and a nurse named Pat received us. She is a very nice nurse and she directed us to Sally's room. Despite the operation Sally looked beautiful and she was awake. We hugged her and she told us we had beautiful babies, feelings were overwhelming and words cound not be put together for such a moment, Sally told us about the operation and we felt bad we could not be with her at those moments, but the c-section was unexpected. I told Sally she will always be my heroine. She made this miracle possible, a double miracle and for the rest of my life everytime we see our babies she will be in our thoughts. When we first saw our babies, tears were hard to contain; my heart was beating so fast and the floor felt like it was moving. Still now, it is like I'm part of this beautiful dream and I'm afraid to wake up! We look forward to the future and to raise our babies with all this love we saved all these years. It feels like our life has just began and we are loving it!

~ Heather