December 18th, 2000:: Holding the babies

December 18th, 2000
I'm still in a lot of pain. I walk the halls a lot and visit the babies. The more I move the better it is to cope with the pain. It's wonderful watching Heather and Sergey bonding with their new babies :)  It turns out that Victoria had velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord and a very severe case of it.  The prolapse cord was actually this and her entire amniotic sac was covered in vessels.  Dr.Shannon said we were very lucky that she was born alive and healthy and that he couldn't believe it was missed as it has a high fetal mortality rate.

December 19th, 2000
Tired of the hospital Dr.Shannon says it's okay to go home. I am now on Tylenol 2's and Toradol for pain. We all go to our place and meet our lawyer. My husband and I and the parents sign the necessary documents releasing our responsibility to the babies. Now, the parents must wait for a judge to write up an order so that they can get over the border (judge is in Maryland). We spend the afternoon with Heather, Sergey and the babies. We order pizza and talk about how precious Victoria and Peter are. Afterwards they go to a hotel uptown to wait for the paperwork.

December 20th, 2000
Today is a rough day for me. It's my first day alone at home. My husband takes Tristan out to let me rest for the afternoon. I end up spending most of it crying my eyes out. Talk about hormones ~ it's awful! Being alone was not doing me any good, as I ended up thinking about how it was all over, and terrified something bad would happen to the babies. I felt guilty that something would happen to them. My husband came home and helped me through it, I wasn't wanting to keep the babies, nor did I feel a void, I just was afraid of someone hurting them. It's hard to explain. I guess, because I had carried them for 9months and and took care of them and now no longer was. I was so happy for Heather and Sergey and knew they would always take care of their children, but hormones can make you feel weird things. Of course that maternal urge was kicking in, that urge to protect them and care for them.

December 21st, 2000
I'm still in a fair bit of pain. When rising, turning and walking. The incision is healing beautifully though and is just a small line. But, it feels like a lot of tugging when I walk and stabs like a knife when I get up. We all go to the my famiy doctor today to have a check up. The babies are doing great, birth weights have dropped and they are now 7.7lbs and 7.3lbs. Perfectly normal. They are both eating really well and are so happy and quiet when held. I was 244lbs when I went into labour, I am now 229lbs. How frustrating!! My doctor tells me it's from all the swelling I have.

December 22nd, 2000
Today we go out to do some shopping. Really behind on the Christmas thing! It's so bitterly cold, the temp has been sitting at around -23C. I'm having a hard time dealing with the cold... I think the babies used to give me so many hot flashes and I was always cooking, now that they are gone I feel chilled to the bone!

December 23rd, 2000 (1week post partum)
Heather and Sergey get the proper papers to go home! Yeah! They are so thrilled to finally be able to take their babies home. They both come in to say goodbye, Heather gives me a big kiss and hug and then they leave. I did not see the babies as I had visited with them earlier at their hotel and it was probably for the best. It would just be so hard to say goodbye to them again. I'm feeling really good about everything and I'm so happy for Heather and Sergey. I had a little cry because it's all over and I will miss Heather and Sergey and their new family. I understand that once your surro babies are born it is a loss just like any other and surrogates do their own type of "grieving". Overall, physically I am amazed at how blessed I was to have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

December 30th, 2000 (2weeks post partum)
I can't believe it's already been two weeks! I heard from Heather today, they got the results from the DNA tests. The tests revealed that the babies are 99.7% genetically related to them. Now Heather & Sergey can have their names put on the babies birth certificates. I feel really great, my incision area doesn't hurt at all, but I still feel a little tugging. My weight loss has slowed somewhat but I am down to 205lbs. Can't do much about it right now since I'm not allowed to exercise. I can't believe I've lost over 40lbs in just 2weeks. My body feels so much better! :)

January 8th, 2001 (3.3weeks post partum)
I received health cards for the twins, don't think they'll be needing them though. I also got my own results from the DNA lab that showed I am NOT the mother of the twins. It stated ...."The mother is excluded as the biological mother of the children based on the allele sizes" and that probability of parentage (for the intended father) is 99.7%. That's courtesy of the DNA Diagnostics Center in Fairfield, Ohio.

January 10th, 2001 (3.5weeks post partum)
The babies now weigh 9lbs (Victoria) and 10lbs (Peter). Both are doing really well, keeping their parents busy and tired! Victoria still beats up Peter, kicking and pushing him; just like in utero!

January 21st, 2001 (5.1weeks post partum)
The end of my stitches came out yesterday. I am happy that it is healing nicely and quickly. I will be seeing my OB soon for my last visit. The twins are now 11lbs and 13lbs, Heather will be sending pictures of them soon and I will post them soon.