Twins :: December 16th, 2000

Sergey comes into my room and hands me beautiful yellow long stemmed roses and my husband also arrives with red ones. I cut them and put them in a vase. The nurses come in and tell me that I have to be moved to a private room, that the birthing suite needs to be open for another woman. It's way too early for me to be moved as I was not supposed to be moved until after dinner. I cringe in fear as I know how painful it's going to be. Everyone starts to move my things and the parents go out into the hall holding Victoria and Peter. This was definately a moment in my life that was excruciatingly painful. With my husband behind pushing and three nurses lifting they all try to get me off the bed into a wheelchair. I am crying and and telling them I can't, it hurts! The incision site burns and I feel ripping pain with every tug and push. They manage to move me (I was totally uncooperative because of the intense pain). I scream out in pain horribly and at one moment it's so unbearable that a breath nor tear was able to happen. They sit me down and I cry so hard. It was the worst part of my time in the hospital. Everyone exclaimes how great I did but I can't open my eyes. As I'm pushed out of the birthing suite I open my eyes and everyone is standing in the hall watching. Heather is holding Victoria and has a horrified look on her face, I wish she didn't have to see me in such pain, I know it was killing her. I am moved to my new room and again, the pain of being put back into a bed. It's a much higher bed and I exclaim there is "no way I can get into that bed!!" The nurses once again lift me, I cry out and it's finally over!! It is not something I care to remember! Recovering from a caesarean is so painful. Heather and Sergey are given a courtesy room to stay in so that they can take care of their babies and bond. Lots of people come to visit me and my husband never leaves my side.