Twins :: December 16th, 2000

The nurse awakes me and tells me the parents of the babies have arrived and asks what she should do. I tell her to let them come in and to bring the babies (they are in the nursery). Heather walks in and I cry and reach out my arms to her. Her husband is behind her and it feels so good to have her there. I tell her everything that has happened and that they have beautiful perfect twin babies and that everything is wonderful! She is crying and we both try to say so much. We talk about the last month and all the difficulties we were having. They all seem so insignificant now, the babies are here! The nurses bring in the babies and Heather grasps her face in disbelief and Sergey reacts the same. The babies are at the end of the bed and we are all alone. I keep telling them to pick them up but they are so overwhelmed they can't. I reach over and pick up one of the twins and hand Heather her baby. She sits down and cries!! It was so beautiful, even in my drugged induced haze, I remember it so vividly. I guess they just couldn't believe and accept that their dreams had come true and that little Victoria and Peter were finally here and theirs. We all talk and admire the twins. I feel so happy that everything is working out and I am not sad at all! Heather keeps exclaiming "thank you Sally!" It was one of the most beautiful times in my life.