Sally :: Ultrasound 37 weeks

December 15th, 2000 37weeks
I arrive for the ultrasound at the hospital at 9pm. By 10:30pm, Dr.Shannon is able to see us. I am taken to a birthing suite and we start the ultrasound. Dr.Shannon sighs and tells us both babies are breech. I feel so disappointed :( Dr.Shannon says we can attempt a vaginal delivery and that he's willing to induce me! We can't believe it! He checks me and I'm 5cm. He does a stretch and sweep on my cervix and I go to 6cm. My husband runs to call the Heather and Sergey, the lawyers, and some family members. By 11pm my blood is taken and an IV line is started. I am started on antibiotics for group b strep and syntocin is started to induce labour.