Sally :: 36 weeks

December 7th, 2000 36weeks
I saw my ob today and I tested positive for Group B Strep. My ob was not concerned at all, said it's very common and it's nothing to worry about. I have to have antibiotics via iv during delivery, must be administered 4hours before birth. Other than that everything is good. He wouldn't do an internal, said he knows I'm definately still dilated and he doesn't want to irritate my cervix.

December 14th, 2000 36weeks 6days
It's been a rough week. Very very sore and in a lot of pain. Ankles are swollen as well as fingers, toes, calves and the area above my bladder. It's very difficult at night to sleep and my hearing is muffled also from the edema (it has affected my ears). I'm nauseous all the time and my appetite has slowed. Weight gain has also slowed significantly!! Dr.Shannon stripped my membranes today and I'm still dilated 3cm. Baby A may be presenting a butt instead of a head so I have to go to the maternity ward tomorrow for an ultrasound to be sure. If head first, induction will be next week, if butt first a caesarean will be scheduled next week. Either way, I won't be pregnant a week from now. Words cannot describe how happy I am to have this done!