Sally :: 31 weeks

November 3rd, 2000 31weeks
We had another ultrasound today. Since the babies are so big it's hard to see much on the screen. We did manage to get a picture of their heads together. The babies are now transverse facing each other with both heads on my right side. I am incredibly uncomfortable, it's starting to hurt when I walk and to compound that I have the flu. Twin A weighs 5lbs 5oz and her heartrate was 130bpm and Twin B weighs 5lbs 2oz and his heartrate was 136bpm. All in all I'm feeling really miserable (from the flu) and not to happy about them being transverse.

November 6th, 2000 31weeks 3days
I am absolutely miserable. I have a horrible cold and what makes it even worse is I can't take anything to make myself comfortable. Tylenol only takes the edge off for so long. Night time has been a real nightmare. I have to sleep sitting up or I get really congested. I'm drinking a lot of apple juice, can't get enough of it!! My husband now has to do the "bear hug" technique to help me out of bed since I'm just too heavy to lift myself. I can't sit on normal chairs either as my feet go numb! Things wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't sick. Tristan has been sick with me and we lie in bed together and watch cartoons and eat lots of soup and toast. We still have our appetites which is good!!

November 10th, 2000 32weeks
I had my 32 week ob appointment yesterday. Everything is still going great! Babies heartbeats were 144bpm and 141bpm. One of them has gone head down (not sure, some major moving around in there lately). I am really happy that the head is presenting the right way, just hope it stays that way. My blood pressure was 115/70, fundal height 42cm and my cervix is still long and closed. Dr.Shannon said this pregnancy is being a perfect text book one which is really great!! I have packed my hospital bag finally!

November 20th, 2000 33weeks 3days
The pregnancy is becoming really hard :( I have insomnia, indigestion, heartburn and pain in the pelvic area. A few days ago the heartburn was so bad that I wasn't keeping things down. I was throwing up a lot because my stomach is so compressed. I spent all last week with cramping and contractions that would go on for hours and then stop. It's beginning to get very frustrating for me now. The babies are very active and one of them is always getting hiccups that I can feel for hours. I can't imagine 4 more weeks of this (which is all I have before I'm induced). Today we are going to the maternity ward at Stratford General to register and go over our "birth plan". I don't really have a "birth plan" especially with twins!