Sally :: 28 weeks

October 12th, 2000 28weeks
I saw my obstetrician, Dr.Shannon today. Everything is perfect. My blood pressure is 110/60 and uterus is measuring at 37cm (same height as someone full term). Both babies are active and had heart rates of 147bpm and 138bpm. Dr.Shannon was more doubtful of their weights, as ultrasounds are not very accurate and he also doesn't think we should get too excited about the sexes either (they are often wrong!) I also had my cervix checked and it's still long and closed. I still have lots of pressure and the bleeding the other day was more than likely just a blood vessel. So no concerns, I can keep doing whatever I want to do. I have been started on 300mg of Iron now (since the babies are making blood) added to my daily prenatal vitamins. Dr.Shannon advised I buy some All Bran (Buds) cereal, I think it may come in handy with all that iron ~ yikes. Tomorrow I am going to the MDS lab to have that wonderful orange drink to test for gestational diabetes and have my blood drawn (can't wait!) Next OB appointment is Oct.26th and next ultrasound is Nov.3rd.

October 19th, 2000 28weeks 6days
I passed the my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), that orange drink tastes so much better when they make it cold. With Tristan it was room temperature and I wanted to throw up! Turning in bed is becoming difficult but I have to keep turning or my hips go numb.

October 27th, 2000 30weeks
I saw Dr.Shannon yesterday for my 30week check up and everything is perfect! My blood pressure was 120/70, fundal height 40cm (full term singleton uterus) and I have had no cramping, dilating, effacing, swelling, or other problems. My blood tests from 2 weeks ago looked really good and I passed my glucose tolerance test with a 4.8! My hemoglobin counts were low though but because he started me on 300mg of iron a day two weeks ago my energy has really picked up! I had an internal and my cervix is still long and hard and baby A is head down. So all is clear for a vaginal delivery right now. The babies heart beats were 147/141, and they are both thriving. Dr.Shannon said I'll probably go around 34weeks and that only about 1 out of 10 women need inducing at 38weeks. I can't believe how wonderful everything is going, I feel so blessed. I don't get any braxton hicks anymore but I'm still nesting like a crazy woman. I have to go for my DNA testing on Nov.1st, I will have blood drawn, my photo taken, fingerprints and all that fun stuff. DNA kits are also coming for me to keep for when I go into labour. When the babies are born the OB that delivers will use the kits to take the blood from the babies umbilical cords and then send it off to the DNA labs so that all the proper paperwork can be taken care of. Everything is falling into place now, I can't believe it's almost over!! The next ultrasound is November 3rd, I shall post those photos too!

November 1st, 2000 30weeks 5days
The DNA tests for the babies arrived earlier this week. They contain the vials for the doctor (to take blood from the umbilical cords) and TONS of forms for the me to fill out at birth. I went into the lab today to have my DNA test performed. They took a vial of blood, took my photo, filled out some forms, and fingerprinted me. My IP's will be having their DNA tests on the 3rd (day of my 31week ultrasound). This is all done to prove the babies are the genetic children of my IP's and not my husband and I. It is also done so that the parents names can be put on the birth certificates.