Sally :: 27 weeks ultrasound

October 8th, 2000 27weeks 3days
Wow! I am 27 weeks! I had my 3rd ultrasound on the 6th and everything went great. Twin A, Victoria, is head down, 3lbs 2oz and her brother Twin B, Peter, is transverse 3lbs 3oz. Their weights are great and if born now would aide them tremendously. They gained 2lbs each in only four weeks. I eat all day and all night now, I guess that's why they've gained so much. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so we will finally fix that turkey craving. I have a lot of pressure as baby A has dropped and it's getting hard to walk. It is very uncomfortable and has been getting progressively worse for the last week. My uterus has dropped so I no longer have problems breathing!!! I now have my own little breakfast table to set my bowl on! Looking forward to getting these two out, running out of clothes and can't wait to be able to sleep normal again.

October 10th, 2000 27weeks 5days
Lots of pressure now and it's getting very difficult. I can hardly walk and had a little bit of bleeding in the morning that stopped. I think a blood vessel broke in my cervix from all the strain. I see Dr.Shannon on Thursday, hopefully I won't start any bleeding again. The twins are moving a lot, I'm getting kicked and prodded all over the place.