Ultrasound :: September 6th, 2000

August 31st, 2000 21weeks 6days
I had my first obstetrician appointment today with Dr.Shannon. My uterus measured 31 centimetres, and my blood pressure was normal (110/60). We listened to both of the babies heartbeats, they are doing great. I really like Dr.Shannon, he took time to listen to me and and explain things patiently. I really feel comfortable with him and I hope he is able to be there for the delivery. My biggest pregnancy complaint is that I am now up 2-3times a night going to the bathroom.

September 6th, 2000 22weeks 5days
Today we had our second ultrasound. It's a boy and a girl!!! The parents have named them Victoria and Peter. They each weigh 1 lb 8oz and look perfect. Baby (A), Victoria is laying transverse along the bottom of my uterus and Baby (B), Peter is laying transverse along the upper part of my uterus. There is a placenta at the front and back so my cervix is clear for a vaginal delivery. Their heartbeats were 136bpm and 150bpm. The parents made it for the ultrasound and we all received sets of photos.

September 21st, 2000 25weeks
Today I saw Dr.Shannon, my obstetrician. I am 25weeks, everything is measuring perfect. Last night I went up to labour and delievery because I had been having two days of intense braxton hicks contractions. I went to make sure I was not dilating and I had not which was great. My cervix is long and closed and Dr.Shannon has advised me not to worry about braxton hicks unless they get painful. I have no complaints, I feel really good but I am getting big! The next ultrasound is set up for October 6th.