Sally :: August 20th, 2000

August 20th, 2000 20weeks 2days
I now feel the babies everyday, especially in the afternoon/evening. They always kick after I eat something or lay down. I am eating like a horse now and going to the bathroom every 40 minutes. I feel really good and the only complaint I have is fatigue that comes in waves in the afternoon. Since my uterus is growing I have a lot of pressure on my diaphragm and lately it has felt as though I have a tight belt around my lungs. I know this pressure will go away soon as I had it with my son for a couple weeks. My belly is getting big and my waistline is now 49inches!! I am getting really excited about the upcoming ultrasound and I can't wait for the parents to be able to see their babies! Things I am craving, chocolate chip cookies, big veggie salads with french dressing, bluberry frozen yogurt in waffle cones, all kinds of sandwiches, apple juice, peanut butter, and lately a huge desire for a thanksgiving dinner, you know the turkey, mashed potatoes, turnip and stuffing. Sheesh!