Sally and Heather :: April 21st, 2000

April 21st, 2000
After having my fourth needle we all get ready for the four hour drive to New Jersey for the transfer. I am not nervous at all as I hear it feels like nothing more than a pap smear. Heather and Sergey are a nervous wreck. The embryo's survived the thaw and are now a 9cell, two 4cell and one little 2cell. The 9 cell had the most promise for becoming a baby. We discussed the procedure with the doctor when we arrived and I had to drink a lot of water. I was taken back to where I had to undress and put on a paper gown. I was starting to get very anxious. I was lead into the room by a nurse with Heather at my side. I was given a valium and was giggling within minutes. Unfortunately, the happy feeling only lasted a few minutes. We got to see the photos of the four embryo's. Once the doctor came in the lights were turned off and I was laid down and a speculum was inserted. The doctor asked the nurse if she could see the transfer catheter on the ultrasound screen. I did not even feel it go through my cervix because it was so small. The whole procedure lasted less than three minutes. Heather said she could see the four embryo's float off. When it was all done I had to lay flat for half an hour. I called my husband and it was nice to hear his voice. I felt so far away from him and wished he was at my side also. On the drive home I felt a little cramping which is normal. It felt really weird all of the sudden now that everything was done. We had been waiting so long to get to this point. Once we got back to Maryland I had to stay on bedrest for two days. I mostly watched tv and read books. One book in particular that was excellent was "Conceiving Luc" it was written by a surrogate and her intended mother. It was a beautiful book. Two days after the transfer I flew back home to Ontario to be back with my husband and son. Tristan looked so different! He is only 16 months old and growing like a weed.

April 24th, 2000
My aunt (who is an RN) teaches my husband how to give the injections. He is a little apprehensive but confident that he can do it. The following day he gives me the injection but is somewhat forceful causing me to curse. After a few days of mistakes, such as injecting twice because of a missed air bubble, injecting too hard, and forgetting to apply pressure after, I consider my husband an expert! My injection sites bleed a lot now because we are now going over old bruises. The fluid is more painful going in as time goes by but my husband's encouraging words keep my optimism with this surrogacy up.

April 30th, 2000
After many days of bloodwork (for estradiol & progesterone levels) and pregnancy testing (that all showed negative) I ask Andre to go to the grocery store to get more pregnancy tests. I am 9 days post transfer and know it's probably way too early to test but the first test showed two very faint lines. I asked Andre what he thought and he said he wasn't sure. So, I did the second test that came in the kit and both lines showed up very strong. We couldn't believe it! I called Heather to tell her the happy news.

May 1st, 2000
My pregnancy test is confirmed through blood with a beta HCG count of 92 only ten days post transfer. An ultrasound is made for May 17th and a prenatal for May 30th.

May 3rd, 2000
My beta HCG count is 403 twelve days post transfer.

May 7th, 2000 5weeks 2days
The progesterone suppositories that I have twice a day are seriously irritating me. I begin bleeding and develop a yeast infection. The hormone feels like it is burning holes into me. I am advised to stop taking them and increase my injections to twice daily. So, now I am on 2cc of progesterone and estrace pills daily. I'm in so much pain vaginally that I'd rather have the needles than those suppositories! My hips are very sore from the needles though and it hurts to turn in bed.

May 11th, 2000 5weeks 6days
I am instructed by the clinic to reduce my estrace pills to three a day instead of four. My hips look like a dartboard with over a hundred little red dots all over it. We now do the shots in the tub where it is more comfortable. I don't regret doing this at all, it is so worth it.

May 16th, 2000 6weeks 4days
I spent the night in the hospital with severe dehydration. I have been so ill with morning sickness (and food poisoning) that I have been bedridden and unable to keep anything down. After a bolis of IV meds and liquid gravol I feel much better. I am sent home with a prescription for diclectin (an anti-nauseant medication for pregnant women.) I can now stop taking all my IVF medications, yeah!

May 17th, 2000 6weeks 5days
I am now feeling much better and today we had our first ultrasound! We learned that I am carrying two little babies, Heather and Sergey are expecting twins! Both had beating hearts and were nestled beside each other. I am so happy it is twins, since this was my IP's only chance at IVF, these babies will always have each other and not be an only child.

May 31st, 2000 8weeks 5days
The nausea is starting to go away but I am really turned off from food and I'm nibbling on little things all day. I am at the stage I hate, too early to look pregnant but big enough to look fat. In the morning I wake up feeling like I've run an marathon. These babies are taking all my energy. By 11am I am usually feeling pretty energetic, but by 4pm I need to take a nap for a couple hours. I can't wait to get to the second trimester. My next prenatal is booked for June 8th with Dr.Langford.

June 8th, 2000 9weeks 6days
I had my prenatal today and Dr.Langford says I am in good health and 10 weeks pregnant. The twins are due January 4th, 2001.

July 6th, 2000 13weeks 6days
I had my 14 week prenatal today with Dr.Langford. I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions (which I had with Tristan's pregnancy). She told me not to worry about them unless there is bleeding and/or they are painful and frequent. My blood pressure was fine and my weight has stayed pre-pregancy at 184lbs. (Probably from the morning sickness made me lose a lot of weight). I will be having a maternal serum screening (blood test for genetic problems) at 17 weeks and an ultrasound sometime in August. I have been wearing maternity clothes for a week now.

July 8th, 2000 14weeks 1day
The braxton hicks have stopped, and I am much more comfortable. I felt the babies kick for the first time today! Three times on my left side and twice on my right. I've been feeling little flutters for a while and was really surprised how strong these kicks were. My uterus is measuring normal for twins and my waistline is a whopping 120cm (45inches)!!!

July 21st, 2000 16weeks
My waistline measures 48inches now, I'm averaging an inch a week. My lawyer Sherry Levitan (Toronto) sent me the contract addendum which I received today. Andre and I must sign the corrections made to our original contract. I must have monthly pregnancy tests and dr's comments sent to my IP's lawyer. Haven't felt any movement from the babies in about a week. Still pretty early for them to be active daily.

July 29th, 2000 17weeks
Today I had my blood drawn for my maternal serum screening test.

August 4th, 2000 18weeks
I had my 18 week prenatal yesterday with Dr.Langford. My blood pressure was normal (114/60) and my uterus is measuring average for twins. I got to listen to the babies heartbeats by fetal stethoscope. There is one on each side of my uterus. Dr.Langford said they are probably both sitting in there facing each other. How cute! The maternal serum screen was abnormal and indicated spina bifida. Normal chances of risk are 1 out of 1000, my test showed chances of 1 out of 117. My doctor has advised amnio but my IP's don't feel it is necessary so we won't be getting it done. My next ultrasound has been set for September 6th (23weeks) and I have been referred to obstetrician Dr.Shannon.

August 9th, 2000 18weeks 6days
Finally bought myself a body pillow! A really big thick one because I am so uncomfortable at night. My belly is really big and it is uncomfortable on my back and hips at night, so the pillow really helped me sleep last night.