Registration Form for 2023 Retreat

Friday June 23 – Sunday June 25, 2023
Benmiller Inn & Spa
Benmiller, Ontario

Check-In Friday after 3pm
Check-Out Sunday at 11am

This event is FREE and includes accommodation and meals. Don’t forget your bathing suit! ***

Partner's Name ** This also includes Support Person.
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Would you like to have henna with Sherri-Lyn? (*No Cost*)(Required)
Would you like to take part in a 20 minute session with Christine Crowley for a psychic reading? (*No Cost)(Required)
Would you like to take part in group yoga? (*No Cost)(Required)
Are you planning to book an appointment with Spa Services? (Bookings needs to be made in advance with Spa - Surrogates are responsible to cover cost). *** The Spa books quickly, email in advance to book your appointment to make sure you get a spot. To make reservations: A courtesy confirmation email will be sent regarding your appointment.(Required)
How would you like to spend your time at the retreat? (We will arrange our retreat itinerary based on majority preferences). Select all that apply...(Required)
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